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tv   Today  NBC  October 29, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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good morning. disconnect. america scrambles to explain why we're spying on some world leaders as the administration considers pulling the plug on eavesdropping of allies sxshgt head of the nsa prepares for a grilling on capitol hill today. stronger than the storm. how much has changed one year after sandy? >> a lot of people are going to look at this and say a year later no progress. >> this morning the rebuilding, the lessons learned, and new jersey's governor chris christie joins us live. and soche on the plaza. america's best are here as we count down 100 days to the winter olympic games today,
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count down 100 days to the winter olympic games today, tuesday, october 29th, 2013. captions paid for by nbc-universal television this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. along side -- al, i'm thinking back to a year ago today, and you were talking about those competing european models and the united states model. the european model won out, and people up and down the east coast lost. >> that's right. we were talking about it almost a week ahead of time, and the worst happened. of course, it could have been a lot worse. we're going to look at the lessons that have been learned in one year. guys. >> all right, al. thank you very much. meantime, we want to turn to today's top story. the renewed uproar over the nsa's spying program, but the man in charge has his feet held to the fire later today. nbc's chief foreign affairs
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correspondent andrea mitchell is on the story this morning. andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. facing an onslaught from europe about nsa spying on friendly foreign leaders like angela merkel and scathing statements from two top senators on the intelligence committee. president obama is promising to scale back intelligence collection, saying that just because the spy agencies can do something, doesn't mean they should. and moving now towards banning spying on friendly foreign leaders. today the head of the nsa will have to face the house intelligence committee as calls for reform mount across europe and at home. european parliament members even came to the u.s. to protest america's targeting of german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone. >> we are asking ourselves if now the u.s. or the nsa is considering merkel a terrorist? >> reporter: senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein ordered a review saying i do not believe the united states should be collecting phone calls or emails
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of friendly presidents and prime ministers. republican susan collins quickly followed saying, "i know of no justification for the administration's collection of intelligence on the leaders of our closest allies, such as chancellor angela merkel." spying on merkel has created a flash point undercutting white house arguments that the massive nsa collection is aimed at stopping terrorists. >> this disclosure has been so public, so detailed, so specific, so personal to leaders. this changes the entire nature of the revelation. >> reporter: edward snowden's revelation wills keep coming, says snowden's intermediary glen green wald. >> there's documents in the troef that we have pertaining to virtually every single country in europe, south america, central america, asia, and the middle east, and we intend to report most of that. >> there's a lot more to come. former and current officials say other countries, of course, also spy on us, but clearly not to the extent of the nsa's sweeping data collection. the message from europe, the
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targeting of friendly foreign leaders has destroyed trust with the u.s., leading some to not believe the u.s.'s claim that the president was unaware of this program until recently. >> andrea mitchell in washington. thank you. we have new developments in the search for four escaped prisoners in oklahoma. two of the men are still at large. nbc's kerry sanders has details on that. good morning to you. >> well, good morning, matt. two of them remain at large, but two others were picked up. the escapees found about 20 miles from here. they're back in the jail here this morning where there are now questions of how anyone could escape a jail that's only a year old and costs more than $8 million to build. >> reporter: back in custody and back in jail, thanks to investigators with the d.a.'s office who saw the men wet and hungry slipping into this convenience store where they bought $6 of junk food. >> they walked outside, and the cops, about ten of them, got
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them. >> reporter: from the outside the detention center where the inmates escaped looks like a fortress. no windows, razor wire, cameras. the four escaped through a trap door above the shower down a crawl space through a concrete wall and to freedom. embarrassing, in part, because the $8 million jail here is only a year old. >> they have a lot of explaining to do. new facility, state-of-the-art. someone definitely goofed up. >> reporter: this is one of the old jails here in oklahoma. they don't build them like this anymore, for humane reasons, but in old jail cells like this, there was only one way in and one way out. the sheriff says here contractors have now sealed every trap down, but he says that may not be enough. >> i can't say that it won't happen again. there's lots of ways, you know, that people escape jails. i can't say approximate it won't happen again.
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we hope it don't happen again. >> after spending $8 million for this jail, the county commissioners say they now have some questions to both the builders and the architect to determine who to blame. nbc news they're now doing a top to bottom review. the architect did not return calls from nbc news. matt. >> kerry sanders in oklahoma this morning. thanks, as always. it's the anniversary of sandy here in the u.s. people in europe are dealing with a very powerful storm there. >> that's right. in the u.k. it's crazy. the cleanup now on today after powerful and deadly winds blew through the area in britain on monday. the storm was the worst the u.k. has seen in a decade. nbc's pierce simmons is in london with the latest and a look at the damage. good morning. >> hey, natalie, good morning. streets were battered by the storm, and come up here with me because you can see still roofs of cars have caved in.
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the scaffolding collapsed, and these scenes were repeated across europe. >> reporter: the storm hit europe with winds of up to 99 miles per hour. in denmark scaffolding ripped from the side of a building. the worst brilt has witnessed for a decade, and in daylight the damage. one london home torn open by a tree. then a gas explosion. a man and woman were killed. three escaped. >> p she was sitting in the rubble. her legs were holding the rubble with her dog. >> reporter: another stree crushed a caravan killing 17-year-old bethany freeman, more than a dozen to die across europe. a bus blown off the road, and high above downing street, a crane came down. in belgium folks braved the high winds. some were too brave. >> crazy. >> reporter: across europe thousands were left stranded by
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canceled transportation. thousands more left without power. overnight rescuers searched for a 14-year-old boy. two weeks ago dillon hawkins was photographed playing chicken with huge waves. this week he is one of those feared lost to europe's deadly storm. >> natalie, the damage here is nothing like as bad as sandy a year ago, but as al will tell you, it's another demonstration of the power of nature. >> it certainly is. . kier simmons in london. thank you. two senior obama administration officials will be on capitol hill this week to face tough questions about the troubled health care enrollment website. the house weighs and means committee wants to know what went wrong and whether the administration can be trusted to fix it. the committee will hear today from marilynn tabner, and the health and human services chairman. police in colorado are searching for a predator this morning who they say tried to take an 8-year-old girl from her bedroom in the middle of the night. this happened in aurora, colorado.
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police say the suspect broke into a house through a window. the girl screamed, and she managed to get away. she got the attention of her father who then chased the suspect into an alley where he got a glimpse of his car, but the suspect managed to drive away. the girl was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. penn state university reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with 26 of the victims of the assistant football coach jerry sandusky. they'll shooef more than $59 million. there are still six unsettled claims. sandusky is serving up to 60 years in prison for child sexual abuse. the boston red sox just one win away from a world series championship. the red sox beat the st. louis cardinals monday night in game five. boston is ahead in the seventh inning, and they never looked back. final score 3-1 with a series now 3-2. red sox leading game six on wednesday. it's 7:09 right now. for those that made some bets better start think about paying
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up. >> working over. >> natalie, thank you. let's go to seaside heights on the jersey shore on this anniversary of superstorm sandy. mr. roker is on the beach there somewhere. >> we're right where we were when we opened the boardwalk with governor christie back in may, and behind me the boardwalk gone. a devastating fire last month taking out two huge sections of this area, and we're going to detail what happened in the last year. what we've got big storms to talk about in the midsection of the country. on one side we've got stormy stuff. on the other side it's winter-like. on the winter side we're talking 6 to 12 inches of snow through the northern plains and the rockies. ahead of that system we've got a lot of warm, moist air coming up out of the gulf where twot systems meet. we have a risk of severe weather from central texas into southern oklahoma. hail and damaging winds possible. tomorrow that system expands into kansas, missouri, and back
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down into texas, and on thursday on thanksgiving day we're looking at even more severe weather stretching from texas all the way into ohio. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. out insurance. because what you don't know, can hurt you. what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? [woman] off to hawaii! what if you didn't know that as the price of gold rises, so should the coverage on your jewelry? [prospector] ahh! what if you didn't know that kitty litter can help you out of a slippery situation? the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ good tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have an interesting forecast for today. i want to show you live pictures, mostly cloudy over the golden gate bridge. pretty good over san francisco.
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you can see we have storm clouds overhead. we're getting light showers south of gilroy. we head throughout the morning it will be mostly dry, highs cool, 67 livermore, 60 in san francisco, looking good for a warm-up later this week. >> when i said thursday, i didn't mean to say thanksgiving. i meant to say halloween. again, as you take a look, can you see the devastation from that fire. the boardwalk a month ago. more on sandy one year later. this storm was blamed for at least 181 deaths in the united states. the majority of those many new york and new jersey. property damage estimated at $65 billion. the country's second most expensive weather disaster ever, and one year later thousands of homeowners still struggling struggling as federal funds and insurance money slowly trickles in. i was here a year ago when sandy hit and now we take a look at the lessons learned one year later.
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sandy slammed ashore one year ago pounding the new york and the new jersey coastlines. >> this water is really swallowing the neighborhood. >> reporter: destroying entire communities and pieces of history. when the storm hit, i was at point pleasant beach, new jersey. >> finally hurricane sandy has won. the dune has been destroyed. the ocean is now rushing in. >> reporter: it's a much different scene today. >> one year later that sand dune has been replaced by much stronger stone. >> reporter: at the national hurricane center in miami experts are creating a new storm surge warning system based on what they learned from sandy. >> we don't have a warning for the hazard that kills more people in hurricanes than anything else and that's storm surge. we hope to have that by 2015. >> reporter: one year later the people here are focused on rebuilding. from tragic scenes like this to
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triumphant ones like this. >> i hope and pray we never see a thing like that again. that's all that you can do. >> reporter: and matt, the other thing that caused big problems was when sandy hit it wasn't technically a tropical storm so storm warnings and watches were not being issued. that changes now this year. now there are posttropical storm watches and warnings so that something like sandy if it comes won't cause problems and catch the administrators flat footed. >> all right, al. thank you very much. new jersey's governor chris christie is spending the day visiting storm battered towns along the coastline. he is with us now from seaside park. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> a year ago you were bracing for the worst. a year ago tomorrow you woke up to find out the worst actually arrived. is there one story from that day and the days that followed that haunts you still? >> well, there's a number of them, matt. but i think the one that's still the most vivid in my memory is a
7:15 am
couple of days after the storm going and seeing a girl who at that time was 9 years old, ginger daugherty and the first child i saw that was crying. seeing crying adults i braced myself for but seeing a crying, scared, 9-year-old child like my 9-year-old daughter at the time was incredibly emotional and still is to me. it's representative of all the children that felt so displaced after sandy. >> here we are a year later, governor. a lot of people are still displaced. still trying to find a way to make it back. they're saying they're drowning in red tape at the town level, the city level, the federal level. from their insurance companies. emotions boiled over at a hearing just last week and some people pointed a finger of blame at you and said you deserve some of that blame. do you? >> you know, listen, matt, i
7:16 am
don't think that any of us are satisfied until every person is back in their home. now we made incredible progress here in the last year. we have 346,000 homes severely damaged or destroyed and of the 40,000 people displaced nearly 30,000 of them already received direct aid from the government but i'm not going to be satisfied until every person is back in their home -- >> so who -- you're a guy that likes to bang heads together to get results. whose heads need to be banged together to get the money to the people that still desperately need it. >> we're banging heads at the federal level. part of the problem as you'll recall was that it took 92 days for the federal government to act on aid to sandy victim. that compares to 10 days for hurricane katrina and i told people at the time that was going to add things on to the back end. it caused -- no federal money started to flow here until the end of may. so it's been just now five
7:17 am
months since the federal money started to come and there is enormous amounts of red tape that we call the katrina hang over because of some of the waste and abuse. there's more federal regulation and we're continuing to push back on that. but it's one of the realities of the waste and abuse that happened in katrina. >> you talk about getting the funds to people that needed it. you said there's only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims, the house majority and their speaker john boehner. you said they used the citizens of this country like pawns on a chess board and place politics above our citizens. callous indifference, selfishness, duplicity. you just made the rounds in congress during the government shutdown. after a year, do you think that same group has learned lessons or is it the status quo? >> well, matt, i hope everybody down in washington is starting to learn lessons although have to tell you the truth, you look
7:18 am
at some of the stuff down there and you think maybe they haven't but both party versus to get back to work and start talking to each other and working with each other like we do here in new jersey. i have a democratic legislature but we accomplished a lot here. we sit down around a table and get things done for the people that elected us and there's too little of that spirit in washington that you see even today. >> and you have gone out of your way to praise the president. the imagine of you two touring the damage together. you said you talked to him every day for ten days after the storm and when you called him with a problem it got fixed in an hour. he seemed emotionally impacted by what he saw and would call you just to see what you were doing. contrast to what you also said about members of your own party in congress. why the difference? >> well, you know, i think sometimes these kind of crises bring out the best in an executive and i think that maybe what happened with the president at that time. but the fact is, you know me, matt. i call them as i see them and
7:19 am
when people ask me questions i tell them the truth as i see it and back a year ago, the president kept his word to the people of new jersey and if i was asked about it i was going to say that regardless of the politics and be critical of my own party when they were coming up short for the people of new jersey. the bottom line is my j is to stand up for the people of new jersey and fight for them and that's what i'm going to do regardless of the politics. >> you cancelled halloween two years in a row. once for sandy and once for a blizzard. it's on this year. most important question, what's your costume. >> it's funny matt. this year, i'm actually going as savannah guthrie. i don't understand why. but i'm actually going as savannah guthrie this year. should be interesting. >> take it from a guy dressed as a lady a couple of times on halloween. it's going to stick with you, governor. i can tell you. >> i figure if i pick savannah,
7:20 am
i will indear myself to the paem of my state. >> i don't vote in new jersey. >> savannah don't worry about that. there's seven days left. we can work that out. >> governor christie, thank you very much. good luck to you folks. >> matt, savannah, thank you very much. >> thank you. let's check in with carson. you have a surfer story this morning, don't you? >> find new costume. okay. we do. any big wave surfers over there? >> no. >> imagines coming in this morning are unbelievable. the brazilian surfer. i thought this was a boat. it's not. it is the pier. to get on a wave this big you
7:21 am
have to get towed in. social media had this photo going everywhere. just hours before he hit the wave, here he is rescuing his friend, fellow big wave surfer when she attempted to get there on the big waves. she's okay. reportedly broken ankle. he went out, there you go, 100 feet. imagines everywhere this morning. >> that's insane. >> remember our good friend in hawaii. >> i do remember that. we hung out with him. >> he did beat that record. that was 78 feet and this one estimated 100. >> that is insane. >> i'm afraid just looking at it. >> that perspective is unreal. thank you. >> you got it. >> coming up, don't giggle, don't squirm. this was sent to female attorneys from a law firm. it's raising eyebrows this morning. >> and are the color dyes in your food leading to
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>> it's 7:26. i'm marla tellez. court proceedings begin for one of six teens charged with killing an off duly paramedic. now almost seven months after quinn boyer's murder his widow is speaking publicly for the first time. liz boyer says her husband was shot in the head weeks shy of their one-year wedding anniversary. she says she felt sick to her stomach when she learned the accused are just boys. police say boyer was shot during an attempted carjacking. hundreds are expected to march through santa rosa today hours before the 13-year-old who was killed by a sheriff's deputy is laid to rest. according to a facebook post on the justice for andy lopez page,
7:27 am
two groups of marchers will gather around noon. one at the old court house square and the other at santa rosa junior college. both will march to the sheriff's deputy. a deputy shot lopez because the deputy thought boy pointed an ak-47 at him. the weapon turned out to be a replica gun. let's turn things over to meteorologist christina loren with a look at your tuesday forecast. a chilly start. >> it is. good morning to you. a live look at san francisco. symptom clouds overhead. now we have flight delays so keep that in mind if you are trying to catch a flight. san jose is looking pretty good. mostly cloudy conditions down here as well. but we should be clearing out at about lunch time. tracking a few showers, this is gilroy, highs cool, make sure you're ready for that. 67 in livermore, 60 in san francisco, seven-day outlook shows a warm up closer to halloween. >> things are slow in the santa clara valley.
7:28 am
101 through san jose traffic is very slow, really at a crawl coming through that area. you can see not only that area slow, looks like 280 and 85, both headed up through the peninsula. we had an earlier accident at sunol boulevard and one lane getting through now that's making things slow as well. also in the san mateo bridge you can see a little haze over to the water. make sure you keep both hands on the wheels. we're not looking at extreme wind like yesterday. marla. >> thanks. we'll be back at 7:56.
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it's it's 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, 29th day of october, 2013. another beautiful sunrise. hopefully it's pretty where you're waking up. we want to s send them to us with the #today sunrise. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie and natalie morales. let's look at what is making news today. the obama administration is considering ending the nsa snooping on friendly allies. this as the head of the agency heads to capitol hill today. two inmates who broke out of an oklahoma jail are back behind bars this morning. police are still searching for the other two suspects. authorities in colorado are looking for a man they call a predator who broke into a home
7:31 am
and grabbed an 8-year-old girl. she managed to escape and the suspect fled. and coming up this morning, could food dyes be affecting your child's behavior? the mom on a mission to get them removed. >> and savannah is going to be up late tonight. >> you know what that means. >> grouchy tomorrow. >> right i have the "today" show with jay leno. flying out in a little while. >> how about nice stories. complimentary. >> if i can think of any. >> good luck. have fun. >> thank you. >> we'll begin this half hour with a memo sent to female employees of a law firm and has some up in arms. stephanie gosk has the details this morning. >> everyone needs professional guidance at some point in their career but this memo just sent to female attorneys at the law firm hit a sensitive nerve. is it advice or old fashion sexism. the guide is called speaking effectively. something important for both men
7:32 am
and women but it was just the female attorneys in clifford chance's u.s. offices who were given the 150 tips. among them, don't giggle. don't squirm. wear a suit, not your party outfit. remember no one heard hilary the day she showed cleavage. and whatever you do, don't take your purse up to the podium. >> this is outrageous because it's insulting to women that have law degrees and it insults their intelligence and professional performance. >> reporter: clifford chance, one of the largest law firms in the world said this is not a template of how people should present and the offense caused by a small percentage of the suggestions was unintentional. it is filled with speed up, don't use a draggy pace and breathe is one suggestion. another, move your mouth when
7:33 am
you speak. taken as a whole, some working women we talked with thought the guidance was spot on. >> i think it's funny and thoughtful and useful. >> i think that's great. send it to younger women, maybe. women that don't really know. >> reporter: others did not. >> i think it's sexist that it was only sent to women. >> i wouldn't agree with having these only sent to women but not men. >> if there's information that could benefit everyone at the whole company instead of being geared toward one sex. >> reporter: sometimes context is everything. if wearing a skirt make sure the audience can't see up it might be fine advice from a friend, but from your boss? the memo was leaked into a blog site and in their statement the firm didn't say who wrote it only that it presented a personal perspective as opposed to company policy. back to you guys. >> oh, boy. stephanie gosk, thank you so much. probably one of the problems is it only went to women and not to
7:34 am
everybody. >> these are professionals too. this isn't like you're talking to a group of interns saying here's what's expected to you. these are attorneys. >> who already managed to go to a big law firm and have done well in the world. >> let's get a check of the weather from al down on the jersey shore this morning. al, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the work continues going on as you can see behind me. this is where the boardwalk burned one of two places. and they have folks working trying to get things together so that by next summer they're open again for business. it's been a dry october for a good portion of the northeast. take a look. boston, only a half an inch of rain. that's 17% normal precipitation but they're looking for rain and showers on friday. head down to bridgeport, connecticut. again, 8% of their normal precipitation. less than a third of an inch of rain and down to new york city. we have had a dry october. a third of an inch of rain but
7:35 am
we are looking for more showers and thunderstorms by friday. that's what's going on around the country. happy tuesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina ; @& loren. now we do have an interesting forecast today f. you walk out the door you'll probably notice a fair amount of cloud cover. we're getting showers south of gilroy at this time. very, very slight chance. isolated showers as we head throughout the morning, mostly in the south bay. 67 degrees on the way to livermore. we fall back this weekend but that means you gain an hour of sleep. getting into sunday at 2:00 a.m. daylight saving time ends. by the way, we have a gorgeous sunrise here, seaside heights new jersey. send us your sunrise at #todaysunrise. and it's going to be one of the premiere rides here in seaside heights replacing the iconic roller coaster that was in the ocean there. coaster that was i ocean there.
7:36 am
guys, back to you. >> pretty morning there. al, thank you so much. we'll see you in a little bit. coming up next, a consumer warning, common dyes linked to bad behavior in some children. one family's crusade to remove them from foods. >> and coming up the star wars (coffee being poured into a cup.) ♪
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is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. ♪ learn more at don't tough it out. knock it out! fast. [ female announcer ] only with abreva. back now at 7:40, this morning on rossen reports, food safety and your children. are common chemicals found in many products causing serious problems in some children? today national investigative correspondence jeff rossen has been looking into this.
7:41 am
good morning. >> good morning. i thought it would be a good time to do this story with halloween coming up this week. a lot of us are stocking up on candy like m&ms that come in different colors. it's artificial food dye but there maybe a link between those dyes and behavior problems in kid with certain conditions. this morning, one family's crusades to get the dyes out of your favorite foods. >> which one is your favorite? >> reporter: halloween. 9-year-old trenton and his mom renee love candy as much as the rest of us. >> chocolate covered candy bars. >> reporter: but there's a big difference in the candy they buy. no artificial colors at all. >> i do not eat foods with artificial dyes in them. >> reporter: his parents say trenton used to be a problem child with regular meltdowns and fits. >> i start throwing tantrums. no matter what it is.
7:42 am
>> reporter: that's when his mom read about a possible link between artificial dyes in foods and behavior in some kids. >> i'm like food coloring? you mean food coloring could cause this? i never would have expected that. >> reporter: so she stopped giving him food with those dyes and says the results, while unscientific were incredible. within days trenton was a different kid. >> we saw amazing results at school. we saw amazing results in his attitude. he was happy. no more meltdowns at all. it was awesome. >> reporter: the fda has been looking into these dyes for years and found while they're not toxic and don't cause hyperactivity in kids, the fda concluded for certain susceptible children with adhd and other problem behaviors the data suggests their condition maybe exacerbated by artificial
7:43 am
food colors because of a unique sensitivity. >> there's thousands of foods making it difficult for people to avoid them. >> reporter: michael jacobson runs a watchdog group that says these dyes come in everything from candy to fruit drinks to waffles and mac and cheese. even in foods that aren't colorful like marshmallows and white frosting. >> in europe, they have to put a warning label on the product. what have the companies done? >> gotten rid of the dyes and replaced them with natural colorings. >> why don't they do it here? >> because of profits. dyes are cheaper than natural coloring. >> money. >> it's about money. >> reporter: the makers of m&m, mars and gma said the overwhelming majority of studies confirm the safeties of the studies. they're always reviewing new studies for the safest possible product and mars is continuing to explore the use of natural
7:44 am
colors but they still don't use natural colors in m&ms here. >> dear ceo of mars incorporated -- >> reporter: so trenton and his mom are petitioning mars to take the artificial dyes out. >> they changed. it's that big of a deal. it's that big of a deal. i just felt so good. >> remember, we're talking about kids that already have adhd or behavioral problems. more research is needed here and it will issue new findings about food dyes at the beginning of next year. if you want to check out her petition and maybe even join it there's a link on today >> you have gotten the attention of a lot of parents. thanks very much. coming up on trending, it's called the thigh gap. the unrealistic idea. and just give them the basics, you know.
7:45 am
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♪ 7:49, here is carson. what's shaking in the orange room? >> have you noticed any of your facebook friends profile pictures are giraffes. have you noticed that yet? >> no. >> so much so, facebook has noticed uptick in giraffes. there's a reason why. people are obsessed and they're playing the great giraffe challenge. it's a facebook riddle. we'll play now. are you ready? >> yes. >> if you lose you have to change your profile picture to a giraffe. >> what if we don't have a profile? >> you're still on myspace. >> there's so much to fix with that. okay. here's the riddle. it's 3:00 a.m., the doorbell rings and you wake up. unexpected visitors. it's your parents and they're here for breakfast.
7:50 am
you have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. what's the first thing you open? >> i got it! i got it! >> wine. >> i got it. >> you don't have a profile. you don't get to play. >> mr. lauer? >> the door. >> should i say the answer? >> the door. he's so right. >> the door is an acceptable answer. there is one more acceptable answer after much debate online. do you know what the second one is, matt? >> to me, it's wine. i open the wine first. >> the wine is already open. >> oh, you open your eyes. >> your eyes, savannah. yes, that is the second one. >> someone may or may not have said it in my ear. >> i'm a giraffe. >> natalie, this is your new profile picture. >> congratulations. >> there you go. >> how come we have it also? >> we had very little faith in the both of you. >> clearly. >> all right, carson, thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up, an option fight for surgery. you won't believe what's being sold and bid on online. >> then never before seen
7:51 am
imagines from super storm sandy as it's youngest survivors entered the world. their families share dramatic stories. >> and sochi olympics 100 days away. we'll celebrate with a host of teen usa hopefuls live on the plaza. all of that coming up after your local news and weather. he khan academy is a not-for-profit with a mission of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace. and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said, "we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance." we're like, "well, we're already doing that." and so it was kind of a perfect match.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you on this tuesday. it's 7:56. i'm marla tellez. the suspected drink driver who hit and killed a couple in menlo park is expected in court. marjorie reitzell was supposed to appear yesterday but she was a no show because of health issues. prosecutors say she ran down balbir and kamal singh as they walked their dog last thursday. reitzell's brother tells us he has no idea what happened that night. he says that reitzell is bipolar. jury deliberations begin in a teen accused of stealing guy fieri's lamborghini. he confirmed he never gave any one permission to drive his car. max wade is accused of stealing the lamborghini. time to check the forecast. a colleague of ours tweeted that it's raining in gilroy. >> yes, i like hearing that.
7:57 am
thank you very much, marla. we've got showers now. especially along 101. travel cautiously out there. we're not expecting much activity. definitely going to feel like fall. that's good to know, though. the radar does show light cells over the higher elevations. we get into this thursday, halloween, looking good. 6:15. that's when the sun will set when the trick-or-treating will begin. and temperatures are going to be comfortable. we're not worried about rain. we fall back on sunday. let's check your drive. >> thank you. things are slow now in san jose. on 101 northbound through san jose there is an accident every quarter mile. we had an accident earlier on 680 on sunol boulevard. because of that things are slow. you can see as we show you in the santa clara valley the accidents littering 101 all the way into palo alto. you can see traffic is moving once you get into palo alto itself. back to you. >> thank you so much. we'll be back with our next
7:58 am
local update at 8:26.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today" coming up. one year after the storm. matt returns to an area still struggling to rebuild. >> how much more can this neighborhood take? >> and we'll reunite with some of the smallest survivors. 100 days to the sochi olympics. counting down and gearing up. >> getting me ready for the olympic segment, and i'm still not ready. >> as we celebrate with olympic hopefuls. and may the force be with you. the "star wars" blooper reel unearthed after 36 years, today, tuesday, october 29th, 2013. ♪ ♪
8:01 am
♪ celebrating my birthday with the "today" show. thanks, guys. >> we just got married! >> yeah! >> this is our tenth time on the "today" show. yeah! >> who loves "today"? we do. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." matt lauer and al is down with superstorm sandy. >> cha ching. i just scored with this nice lady. >> wait a minute. >> thank you. thank you. >> carson. >> this is a great hat. this really is. you're not getting this back. okay. perfect. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> are we just borrowing? >> no. >> let's run. >> we are getting ready, 100 days until sochi. bill damang, one of our favorite
8:02 am
cross-country skiers using a great little training device. he can show me how to use it in a little while. >> wow. >> get around new york like that. that's pretty cool. >> you could get hit pretty quick on that. >> did you wear the -- yeah, here. >> all right. we have a lot coming up. also getting ready for halloween, what will we be dressing up as this year? all will be revealed thursday on "today." and, carson, we're trying something a little different? >> we are. we're working with instagram to give people a look behind the scenes before, during, and after. share your halloween with us. use #halloweentoday. >> do i look as hand some in my hat as you do? >> you look handsome. >> you both look equally authoritative. >> you should wear that on leno. >> i will. i won't have to worry about my hairdo. >> we'll get you a hat. good morning, everyone.
8:03 am
the head of the national security agency is facing tough questions in the house today about u.s. spying on foreign allies, including presidents and prime ministers. tens of millions of phone calls and e-mails have been intercepted as part of the war on terror. president obama is considering scaling back eavesdropping programs. texas will appeal a federal judge's ruling that blocked a key part of the state's new abortion law. that provision requires any doctor performing the procedure to have privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. democratic state senator wendy davis gained national attention in june when she staged a 13 hour fill libuster to delay pase of the law. two of the inmates who escaped from an oak jail this weekend were recaptured on monday. police say the men were caught 20 miles from the jail after buying snacks at a convenience store. two others are still on the run this morning. the group escaped by crawling through a trap door above a shower in a new $8 million
8:04 am
facility. a florida gas station clerk had his life literally saved by his phone. his cell phone on monday. he didn't use it to call for help, but the phone was actually in his chest pocket and it stopped a bullet fired by a would-be robber. the clerk didn't realize he had been hit until he was being interviewed by police after the attempted holdup. penn state university reached a multi-million dollar settlement. in total the men will receive more than $59 million. there are still six unsettled claims. sandusky is serving up to 60 years in prison for child sexual abuse. r and b singer chris brown has been released from jail. brown is facing misdemeanor assault charges after a fight outside of a washington, d.c., hotel sunday. his attorneys say their client did nothing wrong. nature's fury was on display on monday when high winds ripped construction scaffolding from the front of a building in
8:05 am
copenhagen. wind gusts hit 120 miles an hour, snarled transportation all across northern europe. the world's tallest man says he'll be enjoying his honeymoon. he's 8'3". his bride is 5'9". sultan still towers well above her. for the ceremony he made a custom made suit and size 28. >> al is in seaside heights, new jersey. good morning, al. >> that's right. a much nicer day than it was a year ago when sandy came on shore devastating the northeast. let's show you what we've got for today. philadelphia, one of those areas that was hit. today the weather a lot nicer. we're going to be looking at sunshine today. some clouds move in over the next three days. temperatures warm up to 70 degrees. afternoon high, it's going to stay chilly up in the northern plains.
8:06 am
we've got warm weather banked through the south with temperatures in the 80s and 90s in texas. 80s through the gulf coast. risk of storms through texas and oklahoma. anywhere from 6 to 18 inches of snow in the central rockies and into the northern plains. happy tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a couple of things to point out. to. san jose is just getting showers south of gilroy. very light. nothing heavy. this will be the trend throughout the day today, and as i widen out, can youbn see mostf the bay area is wake up nice and dry this morning. temperatures work like this. 63 for concorde. 60 in fremont. that goes for san francisco as well. back in the 70s as we head through tomorrow. a warmup headed our way. and, guys, the section behind me where the fire took out the boardwalk, they say this is going to be ready in time for next summer. there are two major sections
8:07 am
that have been taken out by fire. they are working nonstop to get it done. back to carson, savannah, and matt. >> all right,al. thanks. >> they did it last year. you had to have every bit of faith that they'll be able to do it again. al, up next in trending, the lighter side of "star wars." the bloopers have just now surfaced. and then at 8:14, sandy's smallest survivors one year later. >> looking like this. >> at 8:22, feeling adventurous, the bizarre foods americans have. first, ladies and gentlemen, these messages. lemen, cherry preserves. is that your favorite? i don't know... i also like strawberry, boysenberry, red raspberry, blackberry, sweet orange marmalade, apple, pineapple, concord grape, apricot, peach, blueberry... [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker grew up knowing that with so many delicious varieties,
8:08 am
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hello bounty basic. the affordably priced towel that's an actual bargain. watch how one select-a-size sheet of bounty basic is 50% stronger than a full sheet of the bargain brand. it takes a strong towel to stretch a budget. bounty basic. the strong but affordable picker upper. and try charmin basic. ♪ ♪ back now at 8:10. playing our song. here's what's trending today. trending from "the associated press" haggling for health care. skyrocketing costs are forcing some patients into a rather unusual arena. online auctions. this is for real. medibid is where doctors and hospitals bid to perform procedures on potential patients. >> we're talking about elective procedures here like knee surgery. for patients, the costs are all out of pocket. one man said the site saved him $50,000 on a hip replacement.
8:11 am
critics are concerned that medibid does not do enough to make sure that patients are getting quality service. i would hope there's someone more qualified to choose a doctor in that situation than me so i do worry about this, but, look, money is a huge consideration and it's saving people money then who's to argue. >> in the airline industry people do this. >> well, you're not being cut open. >> the airlines don't cut you open so i don't know. >> i don't know. >> in this case it puts the onus on patients to do the research. i think it's important that people do do that. >> they have choices at least. >> good point. >> nice to see you in that hat. trending on "the daily beast," the dangerous size gap trend. this is an obsession with some women to get so skinny that their thighs don't touch when their feet are together. this is spurred by social media. a lot of thinspiration.
8:12 am
robin loly is with us. she's trying to stop this. >> hey, robin. >> good morning. >> for those who don't know what thigh gap is. can you explain what it is and why the obsession among some young women? >> yeah. it's basically when your upper middle thighs do not touch when you're standing like this with your legs directly together. it's seen as the ultimate thinness and that's why women do it. >> do you see this in the online community where young women are actually trying to achieve this? >> yeah. you know, it's actually quite amazing. there's so many blogs, so many instagrams, facebook, tumbler, pinterest, and so many women comments how much they want this thigh gap and how much they need this thigh gap. it blows my mind. >> you're a plus size model. you wrote an article about
8:13 am
speaking about this. an old picture of you was speaking on facebook. it created outrageous comments. this was the idea. this is what they used as a thigh gap. a lot of people said you weren't thin enough, is that right? >> i mean, 90% of the comments were extremely derogatory and really painful to read for myself. i got called pig, hefty, too fat. i'm a normal girl. i'm a normal size. to be called too big and too hefty because my thigh gap isn't big enough. >> how's your transition been from standard size to plus size? >> i gained weight. i have a food blog. i gave up modeling and fell in love with food and started modeling again. >> good for you. >> you're a beautiful woman. >> robin, thank you very much. >> appreciate you speaking out. important subject. all right. trending on youtube, unearthing new gems from a galaxy far, far
8:14 am
away. after more than 35 years we're getting our first look at the blooper reel from "star wars." we see stars like carrie fisher and harrison ford. >> we have no weapons. >> you want another target, a military target then name the -- name it, now. >> action. >> ha, ha, ha. yew! that's -- >> some of the other moments include storm troopers falling all over each other and wookie arm hair getting in the way. >> don't you hate it when that zblaps that was released back in 1977. >> why the long wait? >> i don't know. 2k3w50ds question. >> some archivist stumbled upon it when he was trying to find some old "star wars" footage. sounds like i'm making this up but i read it. he found these gems. >> that is what's trending today.
8:15 am
coming up, the winter olympics are 100 days away now. we're going to introduce you to some team u.s.a. athletes who hope to shine in sochi. >> all right. but first, sandy, one year later. the superstorm wreaked havoc from ohio to maine. the morning after it hit we traveled to bell harbor in against. a community that's experienced more than its share of heart break. recently we went back to finde f heart break and we head to find out how the people there are recovering. >> it was a night of terror. the storm surge, shoulder deep flood water and fire engulfing whole blocks. >> at the heart of this close knit community was this place. the harbor light pub. and for 30 years people would gather here and they would celebrate graduations and birthdays and engagements. they would come here to mourn the loss of loved ones. the people that owned it lost
8:16 am
their own son charles back on 9/11. so when sandy came through here and the fires raged this place was completely destroyed. a year later, that's all there is. >> their story is all too familiar here. >> it's like a war zone. >> reporter: she fled her bell harbor home that night. she lost everything. >> people are going to look at this and say a year later, no progress. >> well, to me, it was still very hard to make up your mind what you're going to do and i just hope that i can make it on my finances because i'm retired. >> i remember walking down the street the morning after the storm here and seeing the remains of your home and the harbor light and so many other homes and i remembered asking outloud how much more could this neighborhood take. >> yeah. pretty rough. >> how much more can it take? >> i don't know. pretty tough. the plane going down. that was horrible. losing those people. 9/11, we lost so many firemen.
8:17 am
>> what's it like out here today? a year later after that storm? >> the people are still here and they're building. so that's a plus. >> reporter: homes are just now starting to go up but progress has been slow. many families are battling insurance companies over pay outs that cover only a fraction of rebuilding costs. and though there is federal and city aid, little has made it's way here. last year, we found david sharp searching through what was left of his childhood home. >> we were standing right here where your mom's house was, it was right there. >> that's right. the house i grew up in. >> when you called for the insurance company to say we want to rebuild, what was the experience like? >> it's still an ongoing experience because they kept saying no. they said you're not covered. >> reporter: david's mom says what they salvaged is a treasure. just a few family photos and one sacred keepsake. it had blessed her home for 34
8:18 am
years. >> they said to me what is it that we can help you retrieve? and i said there's one thing. it's under the smashed destroyed part of the home on the door and if you looked at it there was no possible way to get in and they said i don't know if we can risk our lives for this and i said it would mean the world to me and they sent a crew inside through the garage and a crew outside and very gingerly and delicately lifted the broken roof and pain stakenly got to it. took it off and it was like we struck gold. >> reporter: she says she hopes to put that on the door of her new home one day. she is trying to come up with a plan. just like the beach front community down the road, breezy point which is facing similar struggles. >> not a single building here
8:19 am
escaped damage. 100 homes went to the ground. only a handful of homes have been rebuilt. the people here have had huge problems with insurance companies, city permits, and the perfect storm of red tape. despite the challenges, there's an undeniable sense of hope here and a fierce determination for the people to return to their community. after more than three decades, hannah sweeney says she can't imagine calling anywhere else home. >> you're 77 years young. >> yeah. >> i'll get there. >> do you have the energy to rebuild. >> yeah. i'll give it a try. if i can, if i can afford it, i'm going to rebuild. if i can manage. >> thank you for talking to me. i appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate you too. >> good to see you. >> and another memorable imagine from sandy, the evacuation of patients and newborn babies.
8:20 am
some of the young survivors and their parents are with us now. jeremy and william donovan. jewels and his daughter and darr range -- dara and their little girl. nice to see you all. i don't know whose idea it was to bring six 1-year-olds here but if this goes south, do what you have to do. let's ask a general question. you can have that. the days after sandy. things had to get better. it started rough. did everything get better. >> yeah. >> you're all doing well? you went to the hospital and here comes sandy and when you got to the hospital you're in contractions and the lights went out. >> the lights went out but the back up generators come on so everything is going smoothly and as expected because they've got back up power for weeks we were told. >> didn't they also use glow sticks at one point? >> well, that was after the generators went out. so that was phase two. the generators go out, the
8:21 am
machines go out, the lights go out and the glow sticks come on and the flashlights come on. >> what a way to begin. and charles, you thought the hospital would be one of the safer places to be in the storm. >> what could go wrong? >> exactly. it's a hospital, we're in new york city of all places and nyu, we actually -- we had a unique experience because we were there after most of these obey byes had already evacuated. we decided to stay the night in the dark abandoned hospital. there were probably a handful of other people on the floor with us. but overall, the effort that we saw evacuating there was amazing. >> and jeremy, william was in intensive care. he was born with a serious heart condition. >> correct. >> you need power and electricities for the machines to keep him alive. >> absolutely. lucky for us two days earlier he
8:22 am
had come off of some of the more intensive machinery so he was relatively portable and able to be evacuated. >> they all look great and they're all doing well. what we should say is sometimes the best things come out of the toughest circumstances. and so clearly you have evidence of that and you are having a field day with my questions, aren't you? as you mark this one year birthday and one year anniversary, any major thoughts? >> thank god that we're okay. everybody is okay. >> extremely blessed. >> yes. >> lucky to have our little ones. >> well, congratulations, guys. we really appreciate it. thank you for coming in this morning. let's go over to savannah. >> you think they're crying, wait until you hear the next story. when you think of all american foods you probably think hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie. well he changes that. he crosses the country in search for the weird and what he calls
8:23 am
the wonderful. >> good morning. >> this is tough for all three of us. we drew straws. we are each going to try one thing and none of us are going to try all three things. >> is that how you did it? >> what's the purpose of the show? >> on one hand it's about me eating foods that may seem weird to people that live here in america but it's about practicing patience, tolerance and understanding with the world. if we can try food, something we all love. everybody loves food from another culture, maybe we'll be a little less prone to get down on somebody because of their politics, sexualities, religion or musical taste. these all represent alternative proteins. i think it's better to put the protein front and center. >> matt joined us as well. >> some of us have a more sophisticated palate. >> oh. >> this is a grilled chicken heart with a salad of celery
8:24 am
leaves, shallots. >> go ahead. >> is this the straw that you drew. >> go ahead and try it. >> this is tough for me. wait i got the big one. >> hold on. i just want a small bite. >> get some of the greens with it. >> i hate to be such a baby. i'm embarrassed. >> the heart is the leanest muscle on the animal and it's delicious. >> it's good. >> come on. >> tastes like a heart. >> tastes like chicken. >> tastes like heart. >> this is a classic italian dish. >> the heart is delicious. >> it is. it's a lean piece of meat. >> the leanest on the body. >> it tastes delicious. >> this is braised caves tongue, a little bit of lemon. get the sauce. you like the sauce. >> like the sauce. >> that's perfect.
8:25 am
>> it's like pot roast. >> i don't want to mash the protein. why do that. this of course is -- >> it looks great. >> it looks good but tell me what goes in it. >> well, this is fresh pigs blood. blood is the world's first thickener. 1,000 years ago -- >> it looks good. >> what makes you think to put the blood with the chocolate. >> they have an affinity for each other that i feel the bitterness -- it has quite a bit in it but it's a way to utilize a protein resource. look, i don't pretend that somebody is going to go out tomorrow and make this dish. but the idea that maybe we'll look differently at a small fish with a head on it or some of the other alternative proteins becoming popular. >> what don't you eat? >> i don't eat walnuts and i don't eat fast food. >> i'm such a big baby.
8:26 am
i think if you didn't tell me i probably would have thought it was delicious and had five. catch the season premiere good tuesday morning. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia canon. the end of adults savings time comes on sunday, and for many it will mean heading home from work in the dark. san francisco police say when we roll the clock back last year there was an actually increase in robberies near transit hubs. smart phones are often the ar morning handing out information to remind commuters the smartphone glow will shine an 1su%earlier. officers plan to be more visible around transit hubs during the evening commute hoping to discourage thieves. just be aware of your surroundings. let's check in on the morning commute right now. anthony is in for mike this morning. how is it looking, my friend? >> oh, my goodness, it is really bad.
8:27 am
on the 101. this shot right here is just the beginning of it because once you look at all these accidents. it's nuts. this is unbelievable. it would take me a whole newscast to get throught% all o these. we have an accident really every quarter of a mile in san jose on 101 northbound. really a bad day to take 101. you can also notice as we get through palo alto, things do lighten up a little bit, but not 5táájjt into san jose. very slow right now, laura. >> okay. pack your patience or maybe pull over and have another cup of joe. we'll have another local news update in half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
and we're back now 8:30 on a tuesday morning, october 29th, 2013. 100 days and counting until the winter olympic games in sochi, russia. we're all looking forward to that. we've got the plaza cooking as a buildup to those games. savannah is over at the ice rink this morning. she is with the ice dancers merill davis and and charlie
8:31 am
white. we'll check up with them in a little bit. >> and we'll brush up on our russian. >> [speaking foreign language] >> really? vodka for me. >> what did you say? >> hello, my name is natalie, in russian. >> [speaking foreign language] >> there is no snow to be found. >> members of team usa join us this morning in handing out treats, including go usa mints furnished by the olympic committee. >> figure skater sarah hughes is the spokesperson. sarah, nice to see you. those are great. >> i have glasses too, right? louie vito has the jack is e
8:32 am
jackets. >> tell us about the mittens. >> they are $14 on team usa. all the proceeds go to support olympic and paraolympians. >> louie, tell us what's going on. >> they have the the golden ticket but they are the golden mittens. they are going to win a u.s. olympic team jack is et. >> hold up your hands. >> anybody has gold? >> usa is gold. if it's gold you win the jacket. >> right here! >> we have a winner. >> gold usa. >> oh, wait. somebody has gold over here. >> gold usa. anybody have gold usa? >> it's like a treasure hunt.
8:33 am
>> like willie wonka. who has the golden particular senate. >> somebody ran off to go find them. >> they're going to find the golden mittens. >> we'll check with many or athletes in a while. al is at jersey shore with a check of the weather one year after hurricane sandy. >> thank you so much. work continues behind us on the boardwalk and the buildings here. we're at the beachcomber bar and grill. they're working. they had damage due to the fire here. but everybody is working to get back as strong as they were before. think about halloween. it's coming up. are we going to have any scary weather to talk about? during the day, a risk of strong storms from eastern texas, into ohio. wet weather in new york. rain in the pacific northwest.
8:34 am
halloween night, clear and cool from texas, into the southwest. rain from the gulf coast into the northeast and the ohio river valley. and showers in the pacific northwest. that's what's good morning. meteorologist christina loren. tuesday looking pretty good. it's going to feel cooler than average, though, in lir more. 67 degrees. 60 in fremont. 62 in san jose, and 60 degrees in san francisco. halloween just two days away. temperatures look good. the sun sets at 6:15. 70 degreenim inland. staying comfortable. we've got a full update for you. everything happening across the bay area on nbc bay warmup as we get into the weekend. and that's your latest weather. savannah? today's countdown to sochi is brought to you by p&g, proud sponsor of moms.
8:35 am
>> we have to make our way over to the rink for the countdown to sochi. merrell davis and charlie white burst onto the scene in 120. they won sill is very at vancouver. they've been on a roll ever since, winning with skate america this past weekend. are you ready for sochi? >> we're getting there. we still have a little bit of time, which we're foggy to take advantage of. but we're really excited. >> you guys have been skating together since you were 10 years old. why does this partnership work? >> you know, i think we just have is a lot of respect for each other. like all great relationships, that's what it's really based on. >> you won silver in 2010. as i said, you've been on fire ever since. how do you think you have chained as skaters since vancouver? >> i think we felt vancouver was
8:36 am
a starting point for our mature career. we have grown tremendously and we are more confident on the ice. >> between now and sochi, you just perfect it? practice, practice, practice practice? >> absolutely. we have great material. we want to make it perfect so when we get to russia it's as good as you can be. >> what are you dance to go this morning? >> a short dance set to the tune of "my fair lady". >> thank you so much. take it away. [ music playing ] ♪
8:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:38 am
>> absolutely beautiful. merrell davis, charlie white. thank you so much. see you in sochi. coming up next, some of the new events we will be seeing. and matt trying his an at the
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are we are back with more of our 1 hyundai countdown to sochi some of the new olympic events we will be seeing. we are seeing two people in the world of skiing. good morning to both of you. great to have you here. torren, you've got 100 days to go here. what's the preparation now leading up to sochi and hoping
8:41 am
you make the team? >> there's a lot of preparation. gym time right now. making sure we're all prepared for the upcoming season. and then in december until the middle of january, we have five qualifying events. and the two best results count. that's how you make the team. it will be a lot of hard work, just training and getting ready. >> what can spectators expect to see with this? >> spectators can expect to see is a lot of big air and tricks. really exciting to watch, you know. >> a little similar to snowboarding the halfpipe. are tricks any different? >> i wouldn't say tricks are any different. you have two skis compared to one board. grabs are a little bit different. you can do more variations, i suppose. it's all about the same, just on skis instead of a snowboard.
8:42 am
>> i like your nickname. two months ago you blew out your right knee. how do you expect to recover in time for the olympics? >> it definitely want planned. i was jumping really well. unfortunately it just happened in a freak accident. you know, i just have to keep my eye on the prize and train and hope for the best. >> we're seeing there the sort of summertime training routine of the women's ski jump. how hard is it for women to be participating in the first time sport? >> it's not really hard on the body at all. i think all athletes have -- >> i was going to say, that's not hard on the body? >> it isn't. it is very safe. every athlete trains hard. we prepare for the worst. we're just really excited to be part of the olympics. >> this is not your first time on the "today" show. we dug up video in 2002. you were trying out for i guess
8:43 am
the beginning of your training here on a jump is. and matt was out there. just 7 years old. look at this. you already had that olympic style. so cute. >> that was my first year jumping and now here i am 12 years later. >> did you have that dream to be representing the united states of america? >> growing up and seeing the olympics it of was something i had a dream of. honestly, i never thought it would potentially come true. very crazy. >> we can say we knew her win, right? it's great to have you here. good luck to you guys. we send it over to matt. >> nordic combined. billy got a gold and silver in vancouver. he is setting his sights on sochi. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> i'm all right.
8:44 am
vancouver was an amazing time for you and the american team. your fellow athletes voted for you to carry the u.s. flag in the closing ceremony. how do you top that? >> i don't think there's any battle to top that. it was probably one of the most amazing days in my life. i also proposed to my wife who thankfully said yes that evening. >> that was good. >> it was magical. >> obviously training for your sport is grueling. you need snow most of the time. when you're not around snow, what do you do? >> cross training. cycling. running. trail running. back country skiing. and in the summer roller skiing. here on the plaza we're not going to get distance or elevation. a lot of times i will ski 40 or 50 miles just on open roads. >> how closely does this mimic
8:45 am
skiing on snow. >> this is close. when you have a good paved track with good steep ups and downs we will do our interval workouts. it's really, really close. we to the floor much of a turnaround. >> when you travel to a place like new york city, is it true you will try them out in central park? >> you get a lot of looks when you're on these things? >> a little bit. but i think people are just jealous. >> you hang that gold and silver around your neck. we have at least a 30-yard track. i'm not a cross country skier. i'm a skier. this is a little bit challenging for me. what do i need to know? >> you to the floor a hard plastic boot, so is it's almost an athletic stance. like you're foggy to take a football hit. lean back and forth and just push out.
8:46 am
>> oh. i think you may have sold me on this now. now do you stop? >> there's no stopping. there's no stopping is you. great luck in sochi. >> thanks for having us. >> we're going to meet more olympic hopefuls next. but first on a tuesday morning this is "today" on nbc. thanks, bill. >> thank you. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class.
8:47 am
mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
8:48 am
with just 100 days to go until the sochi games, we wanted to find out how much our athletes actually know about the language of the host nation. take a look. >> i do not know any russian. not a single word. >> i just try to stay quiet when i went over there you had to do that one, huh? >> it's a pretty complex language. >> it's pretty hard. >> hold on a second.
8:49 am
man. it's right on the edge of my tongue. >> i can't come up with a single word. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> i don't know any. >> [speaking foreign language] >> sporn sporn. please, thank you. that's it. >> vodka. >> mastrovia. that's cheers, right? >> we've got a lot of learning to do. tatiana is a russian food expert and blogger. >> she's here with ted and ch e chloe. >> i just got back from austria. won the the first of the year. >> looking forward to 100 days from now when you go to sochi.
8:50 am
what would it mean to add a gold there? >> pretty good. a dream come true for sure. >> kelly, you have been to the olympics several times in the past. they are saying you probably could be the favorite to take gold this time. how much pressure does that put on you. >> i've had a bit of experience. this will be my fourth u.s. team to try to make. it's great to have such a long career. but it's one day at a time. it's one contest at a time. one trick at a time. >> that's the smart way to do it. >> do you feel you're up to speed on russian and russian food? >> i vice president yet, but i'm looking forward to getting some notes this morning. >> we will get tatiana to give us a little lesson and prepare us for what to expect. let's start with some of the flavors we will be tasting. >> we're going to start out with deep fried pieces. >> so what's inside? >> they're filled with meat, onion, garlic, dill and cheese.
8:51 am
>> like an empanada. >> yeah. they're perfect just to snack on. next we have the blini. >> and they have a little caviar? >> yes. >> are you a caviar person? >> no. >> ted? >> no. it's a little too early in the morning for that. >> is it too early for a little cognac? >> maybe. >> i didn't know cognac was from russian. >> we have a russian and french. both are popular in russia. >> can you take a little snip. >> that's actually very smooth. i like that. delicious. now desserts. >> russians love desserts. we always off our meals with a little snack, something sweet.
8:52 am
this is a yeast dough filled with preserves. they go great with tea. and this is like a meringue. they're sweet and perfect. >> you guys can afford the calories. >> this will keep you warm. you can give this a try. this is just traditional russian tea. and russia has been importing tea for hundreds of years. >> you drink it to warm up. >> so this is something very, very traditional. >> tell us about the great hats. >> let's take a look at the items we will be seeing over and over again in sochi. >> the russians love fur. these hats have flaps here. they come up. you can tie them around. >> try it on, kelly. it goes with her look. >> there you go. >> love it. >> looks nice.
8:53 am
>> perfect. >> hey, ted, kelly, thank you. good luck to you. i think we will see a lot of you 100 days from now. we really appreciate. tatiana, as always, thanks for your expertise as well. we'll have much more ahead on a tuesday morning. this is "today" on nbc. really special.
8:54 am
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8:55 am
we really should take a moment to thank all the athletes and all the folks from the olympic team that gathered here on the plaza. they're doing a little cross training right now. it is exciting. >> carson, we have 100 days to go until we take off for sochi russia and the olympic games. >> you're geared up already. >> i am. >> we're excited to go to a place a lot of us wouldn't be able to go to. >> you spending time in russia? >> looking forward to it. >> it's going to be fun. we want to mention that the coverage of those olympic games starts right here on nbc. that's february 6th with a primetime event and then opening ceremony on friday night the 7th of february. >> already started studying now. getting the big binder. >> it's a binder about this big. you'll learn names of athletes
8:56 am
from all around the world. >> we had some on the plaza today. it was great to have them. >> natalie and willie getting set for the 9:00 hour. good tuesday morning to you. i'm laura garcia canon. yahoo's ceo is a proud new owner of palo alto's oldest funeral home. weekly reports says marissa myers has bought the 114-year-old roller and -- mort wear. sores at the mort wear told the paper they think that she is actually going it use the funeral home for residential purposes. the birthplace of the apple computer officially a part of history.
8:57 am
last night the los altos historic commission voted unanimously to turn the childhood home of steve jobs into a historical site. it's planned to put a plaque in front of the home. first, apple computer dates back to 1976. back in auerbach yard. local news update in half hour. see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist. >> welcome to today on a chilly morning here tuesday, october 29th, 2013. i'm willie geist with natalie morales. al is down at the jersey shore. he's at seaside heights on this one year anniversary of super storm sandy. how do things look at the shore this morning. >> reporter: well, you guys remember just about a month ago there was a devastating fire along the boardwalk here. they had two large fire breaks
9:01 am
in this boardwalk. they are working feverishly to get everything back down to the be bare sand so they can start to rebuild. in the meantime, we are looking at sandy. that fire right now is still under investigation. they believe it started because of faulty wiring. electrical wiring compromised by the storm surge when sandy came in a year ago today. and when you look at the numbers, it's just devastating. at least 181 deaths due to sandy. the majority in new york and new jersey. when you look at property damage, they estimate $65 billion worth of damage. the second most expensive weather disaster area and one year later thousands of homeowners are still struggling as federal funds and insurance money slowly trickle in. i was yesterday speaking with folks up in point pleasant beach and the big frustration guys is that, you know, insurance money
9:02 am
still is -- they're having trouble getting it. insurance folks are dealing with their insurance company and they say it's not hurricane damage. it's flood damage. the flood insurance says no, it's not flood damage. it's hurricane damage or wind damage. so, you know, a lot of frustration a year later and you come down and it's just like this in breezy point, new york where you'll see some imagines that show there's major progress made and other areas where it looks like nothing has happened a year later. we're here on the second floor deck of the beachcomber sea bar and grill where we were just five months ago here to cut the ribbon for the opening of the boardwalk and they've had fire damage on their second and third floor. the bar is open but, you know, they're still struggling. >> just one tragedy on top of another there when you put the fire together and as al touched on, there is money out there. insurance companies are playing games with a lot of families
9:03 am
that spent a year living in temporary housing and there's federal and state money that's been allocated that hasn't been distributed to people that need it yet. >> a lot of people still fighting with their insurance companies if they didn't have flood insurance or the proper coverage and towns are dealing with that as well. >> and guys, there's also questions about regulations. some areas say -- the state government is saying you have to build to a certain level, elevate your home. local communities say no, it's this. so folks are really caught in between. it's really difficult. >> all right, al, thanks. we'll check in with you for the weather in just a moment. you had some of the most incredible first pictures of the storm. >> yeah, i was was in a chopper. it was really the day after. >> as the sun came up. >> yeah it was just so striking obviously when you see the damage. at that point, that seemed like that was devastating but as soon as the sun game up that was just a fire in one part there further south from where al is but when
9:04 am
you saw the landscape completely changed. this was my town which was completely flooded. i saw neighbors still fighting with their insurance companies trying to pay for the damage done there. although we have recovered compared to parts of new jersey and even here in new york. rockaways and people were completely devastated. we got off easy compared to the rest. >> your helicopter pictures remind me of the morning after katrina where we saw the reports the night before. >> we dodged a bullet in some ways. >> yeah but until you saw it like my god, this is so much worse than we thought. it's incredible. >> it is. >> i was over in staten island and it was, like you saw, boats in the street and mattresses and trees and it was just things you couldn't damage. but the thing i remember most is scenes like this one. this was the day after. you had this community that was tight knit already just stuck together and guys were driving through the streets and pick up
9:05 am
trucks handing out sandwiches to people working. if you got off a bus in staten island and got a rake or a broom and help out. >> neighbor helping neighbor. pitching in. >> 48 hours after the worst moments of their lives all helping each other get through it and they're still doing it a year later. >> sadly so many people i remember from your reporting a lot of people experienced 9/11. there for firefighters, first responders, policemen, these are the communities most affected and having to deal with tragedy of that nature. >> yeah. so many cops and firefighters that dealt with 9/11 and they had that plane crash right in the middle of the neighborhood two months after 9/11. one thing after another for them; yeah. >> we'll continue to mark the one year anniversary of sandy. we have an amazing story to tell you about in a few minutes. other topics to get to, did you see the nicole kidman interview? >> yeah. it's an interesting interview.
9:06 am
she describes her previous marriage to tom cruise as modern day brad and angelina. if you're in the bubble it's sbok kating because there's just the two of you and only the other person that understands what you're going through and brings you very close and she says it's deeply romantic. >> that's something none of us will probably not understand. two people being that famous. >> yeah. that's a good thing i would think. but she also talks about her life in nashville now with her husband keith urban and says she is no longer that big celebrity star. although i would argue against that. she is as busy as always but she is always surprised when people approach her at the grocery store and take her picture because her kids are like mom, why are they taking your picture? they don't get it. >> nashville is a different kind of town, though. it's not so celebrity obsessed.
9:07 am
faith hill and tim mcgraw go to the grocery store. it's a more normal town. that's what she is getting at than living in l.a. >> probably a nice departure. >> meanwhile, her husband keith urban was on ellen yesterday and he revealed how he and kidman keep in touch when they're apart. >> keep in touch. >> how do you keep in touch? >> we never text. we never e-mail. phone calls only. which i really love that. maybe one text. maybe one cool kind of, you know, a year. one of those kind of texts, you know. >> no. >> one of those kind with the accompanying photo i just saw behind me. >> that kind of texts? what do you mean? >> nice sex texting. >> nice sex texting? >> yeah. >> i think he blushed. >> he did. >> ellen just played dumb to draw out the joke. i don't know what you're talking
9:08 am
about exactly. >> what do you mean about that? >> what are we doing with the vials here? >> we're not exactly germaphobes here. >> i love a germ. >> we're going to space. we're going to swab for microbes and bacteria and viruss. >> we're going to send it to uc davis university and they send it to the international space station. nasa wants to look at the affects of microgravity on different viruss. they'll get to us and tell us just how dirty our filthy studio is. >> come on, let's go. >> i'm going to come over to al's weather wall because we know how he likes to touch the wall here. probably dirty and gross.
9:09 am
>> do you know what we have to do? this m&m jar. >> right. how often do you hear that candy jars are the worst place. >> so many grimy paws in this over the last couple of weeks. >> all right. >> all right. off to the space station. >> here we go. >> let's check back in with al at seaside heights, once again mr. roker. got your germs here. >> reporter: why don't you personally take those samples up there? >> nice. good try. can't get rid of us. >> reporter: all right. thanks, guys. let's show you what we've got. we've got this big storm system out in the rockies. behind it we've got snow. ahead of it we've got a lot of warm, moisture air coming up out of the south. actually reminisces of raymond making its way in there. that will be firing off big storms today into wichita falls and into southeastern oklahoma. hail damaging winds possible. tomorrow that area expands from central and northern texas all
9:10 am
the way into missouri and kansas with the risk of strong storms and the possibility of tornadoes and then moving on into thursday we've got a really wide swap from houston all the way to southern ohio and little rock national in between. we could see tornadoes. rainfall amounts anywhere from two to three inches of rain from chicago all the way down to austin texas. it's a big, big system. that's going to be bringing a lot of rainn well, we have some sun and clouds out there to start out your tuesday. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's going to[k; feel like fallt there. we will see sunshine for the second half of the day, and temperatures are going to end up in the upper 60s. 60 in san francisco. taking a peek at your halloween forecast. looking really good this year. no rain expected. about 6:15 when the sungn sets,0 degrees inland. staying nice and comfortable. friday temperatures creep up a touch, and then we're going to cool off getting into the weekend.
9:11 am
>> reporter: that's your latest weather. coming up in the next half hour we'll look at the halloween forecast. is it going to be spooky, scary or very nice? >> we'll check in in a few minutes. coming up next, how four siblings that lost their parents ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪ neutrogena®. igarnier invents olia. a haircolor breakthrough. our first ammonia-free permanent color, by o olia propels color deep.
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♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] kraft added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our natural shredded cheese so you can bring a creamier melt to any morning. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i've found ♪ ♪ hurricane sandy didn't just damage properties, of course. it swept through families as well. four children were forced to grow up quickly after their parents were killed in the storm. >> despite the tragedy, they have moved forward with strength and courage and laughter which they say their parents wouldn't have wanted any other way. >> reporter: the family may have looked ordinary. four active kids, two working parents, but the eldest daughter says there was one thing they
9:15 am
were not. >> not by any means. my family was not the traditional family. >> busy family. four kids. >> yeah, kind of a cheaper by the dozen moment without the dozen. it's a crazy household but somehow it worked. >> reporter: 19-year-old zoe, a sophomore at rutgers university and 17-year-old and 14 and 11-year-old boys. >> how were they as parents? >> it gave us room to be independe independent. >> did they have something they lived by? >> my parents weren't that organized to have a family motto. they definitely lived by live day-to-day and make the best out of every day. >> reporter: that unofficial family motto would be tested as hurricane sandy barrelled up the eastern seaboard. >> what's the emergency? >> a car just crashed into a tree t. lights are still on on the car and the horn is still
9:16 am
blowing. >> reporter: a gust of wind uprooted this 100 foot tree slamming it on the roof of the truck. her parents died instantly. their sons were in the backseat trapped but alive. >> somehow i untied my shoes and slipped out through the window. pi pierce got out the back window. that was shattered and the police car pulled up. >> they happen to be about 100 yards down the street. >> sometimes i ask questions to myself. >> like what? >> had the tree fell from the right and how the passenger side wasn't squooshed and only the driver's side was. >> had you been sitting one seat over. >> one seat over. >> so it was really a miracle. >> reporter: since the tragedy, zoe's siblings have been her priority. she is now their legal guardian and continues to attend college. >> one more bite and then you need to eat dinner, seriously.
9:17 am
>> reporter: in between she helps with homework, served up dinners delivered by neighbors and teaches her little brother about chores. >> i'm going to scrub and you're going to rinse, deal? >> how do you think your parents -- i mean, where ever they are, if they're looking down and seeing how you guys are doing today, what do you think they would say? >> i think that they would say that we're being as strong as we can. and that we're doing a lot better than how other people would react in this situation. and that zoe is probably doing a fantastic job and exactly what they want her to do. >> they would be very proud i'm sure. >> i think, yeah, there's every day situations where we'll turn to each other and say, you know what they would say -- and it's never something uplifting. it's always something like i miss the dog and don't forget to take the groceries out of the car after you park -- >> mom would kill me for buying
9:18 am
this expensive loaf of bread. like i can't believe i'm doing this right now. >> reporter: i know in the last year you've had a tremendous amount of help from the community. what do you want to say to those people that really came to when you needed them most? >> thank you because they sent us food and they help us out to get through. >> pretty bad times there, right? >> yeah. >> we all agreed that our main goal, especially of doing this interview isn't to be on tv but we thought that the community and the first responders, especially the firefighters and the policemen deserved a huge thank you right from our mouths and seeing us say it on tape and in front of the whole world because without them and without the community we live in. without our families and friends and neighbors there's no way we would have survived the year. i don't know how we would have done it. they gave us so many good memories and it just proves how good people are. although this wound can't be healed, we'll find joy in each
9:19 am
other and other things and we'll develop new traditions and new things to be happy about each year because there's still so much life and life is still so good. >> amazing group of kids. as you see, they're all doing so well. they are received counseling. they're happy, they're thriving. their neighbors still pitching in. they are bringing meals every night to help them out and a testament to their strength, they decided to spend this anniversary doing something their family used to love doing all together, they're going to go play paint ball. >> you asked the question, can you imagine how proud their parents would be? i'm proud of them and i just met them on television. what an incredible group of children? >> it is remarkable and it makes you think as a parent, it's your worst thought but to see how resilient they are, it's amazing. >> 19-year-old zoe becomes a mother. >> 19-year-old zoe becomes a mothis is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
9:20 am
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[ female announcer ] when did we start thinking that eating a tiny breakfast would help us weigh less? ♪ with the special k® breakfast, eat all this, with new, hearty special k multi-grain cereal. data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. so eat right, not less. ♪ a new perspective. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ taking a look at your headlines this morning. for the first time pediatricians are advising parents to keep their kid's media viewing from under two hours a day. these recommendations are from the american academy of pediatrics and they're asked to ban electronics in bedrooms. online homework is one exception to the rule. a proposal to include
9:24 am
nonloan payments such as rent, utility and cable bills is gaining momentum in congress. consumers credit scores are determined by the information supplied mostly by lenders. >> which cars are the most reliable? the list is out and japanese cars are at the top of the list. lexus is the most reliable car brand followed by toyota and acura. the toyota camry is no longer recommended by consumer reports due to poor crash test results. >> we have video of the largest wave ever surfed. take a look, it happened in portugal. he is believed to have set the new record for the biggest wave ever surfed. he had help there getting to the top and it all came within minutes but after he helped save the life of a surfer that almost drowned there. pretty remarkable stuff. we'll send it back to you. >> incredible piece of video.
9:25 am
thanks. coming up, they wanted to look as good as they feel and we were more than happy to help. make ♪ music ♪ music it's so much more than coffee. brew the love. keurig. ♪ dry hair needs a daily dose of effective moisture. new dove daily moisture with our most effective conditioner ever. it gives you up to 5 times smoother hair in one wash. new dove daily moisture. got it! i...did not get it. [ female announcer ] you may not be the best with a smart phone but you know what's best for your kids.
9:26 am
so we listened when you said gogurt should have only natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. good morning to you. 9:26. corporate begins today for a win off duty paramedic in the oakland hills. now almost seven months after quinn boyers murder his widow is speak publicly for the first time. liz says her husband was shot in the head just weeks shy of their one-year anniversary. she says she felt sick to her stomach when she learned the police say boyer was shot during an attempted carjacking. hundreds of people are preponderanced to march through santa rosa1/l today just hours before the 13-year-old who was killed by sonoma county sheriff's deputy is laid to rest. according to a facebook post on the justice for andy lopez facebook page, two groups of
9:27 am
marchers will gather around noon. one at old courthouse square. another santa rosa junior college. both groups will march to the sheriff's deputy. a deputy shot lopez last week because the deputyúthought the boy pointed an ak-47 at him. that weapon turned out to be a replica gun. take a quick break, and we'll have a look at & weather and traffic after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i
9:28 am
♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. good tuesday morning for you. we do van interesting forecast. expecting low clouds mostly over the south bay, and as we wake up this morning, we are going to also see a few -- >> all right. thanks for waking up with us this morning. we'll have -- that was technical difficulties. worked out in the next couple of minutes. there's a few accidents, in fact. is an alternate route that you have to speed through using the 101. we have a couple of accidents on 280. the first one is at hickey, and the second one is actually at 380. there's a three-car accident blocking the connector, and even
9:29 am
farther down you'll notice that 92 there's another accident. really 280 is very slow right now. kind of the opposite of what we're used to seeing. also you can see a number of accidents continue to stack up -- 580 -- 680 connector, and also 880 into oakland at broadway. there's an accident there. really very slow right now are as we continue through this morning commute. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 9:29 right now. we'll have another local news update for you in about half hour. in the meantime, hope you have a great morning.
9:30 am
welcome back. i'm willie with natalie. al is down at the jersey shore. we'll check in with him in a couple of minutes. he's the first contestant to leave on the show the biggest loser. >> first of all, you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> we started at 250. is that right? where are you today? >> i'm at 180. >> wow. >> what are you doing at home now versus when you were on the ranch? >> i'm doing a lot of exercising. >> 24/7, right? >> yeah, i'm just doing three hours and i'm trying to incorporate it. i normally run to work in the morning and then when i get home at night i either do weight
9:31 am
lifting or do more cardio. >> what's been the difference in terms of diet. some people might want to lose five or ten pounds. what would you say to people watching at home to lose a little weight. watch what you eat. keep it clean and just care about who you are. i think for me, before, i didn't really -- i didn't think i deserved that -- a new body -- i don't know why but now i feel like i deserve the best fuel for my body so i eat clean and to me, a brownie isn't worth it anymore. >> good to see your confidence. i deserve better. >> you look great. the biggest loser second chances airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> let's get a check of the weather. al roker is in seaside heights on this one year anniversary of
9:32 am
hurricane sandy. c >> reporter: thanks guys. let's see what you should be expecting as far as your halloween trick or treats. a risk of strong storms from eastern texas all the way into the ohio river valley. wet weather interior new england, new york, pennsylvania on into the ohio river valley and wet weather into the pacific northwest as well. then the rain moves east but it will be mild and cooler back across the central plains and texas into the southwest. a few showers and snow showers mixed in in the upper elevation of the pac out there today. i'm meteorologist christina loren. tuesday looking pretty good. 0going to feel cooler than average, though, in livermore. 67 degrees. 60 in fremont. 62 right here in san jose, and 60 degrees in san francisco. halloween just two days away. temperatures look good. the sun sets at 6:15. 70 degrees inland. stayingcnn comfortable.
9:33 am
we've got a full update for you. everything happening across the bay area on nbc bay warmup as we get into the weekend. guys, one year later the work continues here along the jersey shore and along the rockaways in new york. they just keep coming. they just keep doing it and for the folks who depend on this area for their livelihoods and their lives, and hopefully the weather stays as calm as it has for this last hurricane season. back to you. >> yeah, we can only hope so. al there in seaside heights. thank you. as we near the end of breast cancer is wareness month we're honoring two survivors with a make over. >> this is great. but we'll look at lisa's story. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 42. >> it already spread to my spine. i was diagnosed initially at stage 4 which is the last stage
9:34 am
of breast cancer but that was about 8 1/2 years ago. >> reporter: at the time, lisa's son was only five years old. >> i expected to die while jacob was mable ybe in second grade ae just started high school this year. and i -- i felt so unlucky when it hit and i just feel so incredibly lucky now that i'm still here. >> reporter: today there's no sign of cancer in lisa's body but the treatments and stress have taken a toll. >> i've gained a lot of weight. my skin is different. my hair is different. i had the rapid class in aging. i just want something a little different to suit me now where i am in my job and my home and my life. i'd like to outside to reflect how i'm starting to feel again on the inside. i'm hoping you guys could do that. >> we sent lisa shopping with our good friend, author of the cheap chica's guide to style and
9:35 am
our celebrity stylist. >> good morning. >> i'm looking right at her. you look fantastic. what do you think of your make over? your transformation? >> i keep staring at myself. i love it. >> there's a giant you right there. >> a giant me. >> you are staring at yourself. >> all right. tell me about the dress. you put her in a wrap dress which is figure flattering. >> i call it every woman's secret weapon to k look good in an instant. the jersey material is plattering and i wanted this water color print that brought out her eyes. thank you so much. >> now we're breaking rule with hair. usually we say in the fall you go darker but we're going lighter. we have gone lighter with her hair color and the make up. what's great about lisa in particular is she never wears a red lip and i talked her into putting on a red lip.
9:36 am
>> it's great. >> does it feel good? >> it feels fabulous. >> and lighter hair can make you feel really sexy and i don't know any woman in america that doesn't want to feel sexy. >> you feel good? >> i feel wonderful. >> thank you for being here. >> okay. our second our make over. here's her story. >> reporter: at 35, she noticed a lump on her breast during a self-examination. >> at the advice of my husband he said this feels strange check it out. don't be silly. don't take it for granted. >> reporter: one week later she was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> that's the thing about cancer, you can have it and not feel ill because i don't know how long i had it before then. i don't know. none of us know. but thankfully it didn't spread to the lymph nodes and it was treatable. >> today she is in remission and has a new outlook on life. >> i feel good. i feel wonderful. it's a new day. it's a beautiful day for me to
9:37 am
live. to be here for my family and kids and do great things with my life. and a new look would make me feel better than i've been feeling. i would just like a look that would surprise everyone. maybe a different hair color, maybe funkier clothes but something a little more upbeat. >> all right. she wants to surprise everyone and here she is now. >> looking good. >> looking fantastic. >> sassiness personifide. >> she is a little bit of a risk risk taker. i said i'll put her in the jump suit. every celebrity is wearing it. this is herrerd carpet moment right here today. i wanted her to feel gorgeous. she is beautiful. >> oh, so sexy. it's about lightening hair and one of the things we did with her particular is an effect and
9:38 am
lighter through the bottom. >> it's important to remind women that have breast cancer to check with their doctor about hair dye. >> are you happy with the look? >> thrilled. love it. >> is it everything you wanted? >> yes, everything i wanted and more. >> you look fantastic. we're especially glad you're in remission, more importantly. >> come back out lisa. >> ladies, congratulations and keep healthy. thank you for being part of this. >> thank you both so much. >> a job well done, guys. coming up next, we'll show you the healthiest super market meals and snacks when you're on the go. that's coming up right after this the recent increase in cafeteria prices is not cool. when you vote for flo, we'll have discounts. ice-cream discounts. multi-cookie discounts. pizza loyalty discounts! [ kids chanting "flo!" ] i also have some great ideas on car insurance. [ silence ]
9:39 am
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9:42 am
but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. whether you're a busy stay at home parent or at the office all day you find yourself without time to cook a healthy meal. >> so women's health put together a list of super market stars to help you out. carrie is a contributor to the magazine. how did you choose these? what were the criteria. >> we all know that real food is best but we all rely on package foods to some extent. myself included. so a team of experts scoured the aisles because they're busting at the seams. >> as we see behind us. >> so we chose the top products taking into consideration taste
9:43 am
nutrition, and convenience. >> still early. breakfast time for people. let's get started with the am kick starters. you pick your best cereals and the things you should reach for. >> here we have a cereal. it satisfies that crunch and sweet craving. if you want that in the morning, nine grams of fiber, 11 grams of protein. will help keep you full and satisfied. >> when do i get to do the conveyer belt? >> we'll start packaging up the groceries here. my house is never without almond milk. some people think it doesn't have as much calcium as cows milk but it has more and no sugar. >> why would you choose almond instead of cows milk. >> many people have intolerances or allergies and also somebody that's vegan. >> speaking of yogurt. greek yogurt. we're getting a lot of protein here. we have nuts on the side for a little more healthy fat and fiber. kind of the typical go on on the go breakfast.
9:44 am
>> i had one of these this morning in fact. these kind bars. >> well, bars are the ultimate convenience food. keep them everywhere, your bag, your desk drawer. >> and these, these almonds are -- if you need a little pick me up in the afternoon, this has a half of a serving of an expresso shot. >> a little caffeine with that. >> and then tuna, getting protein in tuna. you can throw some tuna on and also omega 3s. so this comes in a pouch so you don't need the can opener. >> if you're the type of person that makes pasta for a family of 12 and you're one person you probably shouldn't be doing that. this may help you out. you may just think you're at the restaurant when you make this. butternut squash in here and pumpkin and apple and it's portion controlled. >> you really want to read the
9:45 am
labels with these because sometimes the sodium is pretty -- >> yeah. ad the labels. real food always first. these are options when you can't go for the real food. >> that sounds good. >> whole grain, lean protein and vitamin a in here and kale in here. >> everybody is into kale these days? >> and a vegetarian frozen meal option. also organic ingredients. >> as we go to break i'll have a bite of this, what is this? skinny cow. >> this is all about portion control. if you're the type of person that eats ice cream and has to hit the bottom of the container until you're done, that's might be an option for you. >> coming up next, we're hitting the slopes in style with a sneak peek at u.s. olympic fashion as we countdown 100 days now to the winter games in sochi. hat time . medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs.
9:46 am
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platinum! [ bell dings ] here we go! [ female announcer ] dawn platinum power clean's micro-scrubbing enzymes give you the power of an overnight soak in 3 minutes, and 3 times more everyday grease cleaning ingredients. for all your dishes. so if you like dawn, you'll love platinum. [ sponge ] the champion! [ female announcer ] dawn platinum does even more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. >> announcer: today's countdown to sochi is brought to you by p and g, proud sponsor of moms. >> we're 100 days away from the winter games in sochi and if you're going to be on the medal stand, you better look good. >> there's new emphasis on making team usa's gear here at home after controversy in 2012. >> there's already a controversy for the u.s. olympic team. >> but there's controversy over the uniforms.
9:50 am
>> there's growing outrage over the uniform. >> reporter: a controversy that sparked a fire storm in the media. >> you might say an olympic flame was lit in washington. >> reporter: and outcry from the highest level of washington. >> i think they should put all the uniforms in a big pile and burn them. >> reporter: just before the london games it was revealed that polo ralph lauren, the designer of the athletes sported at the opening ceremony made them in china. >> it gave us an opportunity to lead the charge to help bring the apparel industry back to america. >> reporter: 97% of the apparel is produced overseas for economic reasons but this time around polo decided to source american companies to produce their sochi olympic line. from the wools to the spool of yarn to the garments, it required working with over 40
9:51 am
different domestic manufacturers. >> the complication is still producing the quality and the craftsm craftsmanship and the quantity needed. >> reporter: some of the companies contracted were surprised but excited for the opportunity. >> after we found out it was for the olympics were we proud to be able to make the garment in the united states. >> reporter: the outfitter the north face joined the trend building a factory in their own backyard in california. >> if that gives the agethletesn edge when they're in the event, it's one worth taking. >> reporter: and for these designers, the olympics are the beginning. >> this won't end after the olympics. we'll look at how do we leverage this on other products for our brand going forward. >> and here are six of america's very best.
9:52 am
good morning to all of you. >> looking good guys. >> you guys look great. let's start right here. this is the closing ceremony athletes from ralph lauren. do you like it? >> i love it. the apparel is such a large component of the olympics. you'll have to start ask the athletes who are you wearing? but i know for my first couple of olympic cycles it was real when i put the clothing on so we're all just as proud to sport the polo logo as we are the american flag. >> ralph lauren looking good. >> looking good. >> you're wearing the village wear look. i can see you slope side in this o outfit. we're so excited to be supporting the gear and people at home can wear it, ralph november 15th so you can also be a part of the team. >> i love the boots. >> now tell us about the oakley shades you're wearing. >> they make you look good.
9:53 am
they've got the best lenses in the game but i'm just jealous of everyone else's outfit right now. >> well, you look pretty good. have goggles here. i'm ready to go. >> how much say do you have in all of this? >> we just get to say that we love it. >> that's right. >> i can't read because i can't see that. but thank you all very much. >> good luck to you. 100 days to go. >> we're back in a moment. >> see you in sochi. this is "today" on nbc. we all have our little tricks.
9:54 am
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all right. coming up, anthony mackey is guest co-hosting with hoda. [ female announcer ] now your most dazzling accessory can be your smile. colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste.
9:56 am
and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. >> good morning to you. 9:56. i'm marla tellez. the suspected drunk driver who hit and killed a couple in menlo park is expected in court today. marjorie rightsel was supposed to hear yesterday, but she was a no-show because of health issues.
9:57 am
prosecutors say she ran down -- as theykowalked their dog last thursday. her brother tells us he has no idea what happened that night, though he does say she is bipolar. a jury deliberation begins today in the trial of a marin county teen accused of stealing celebrity chef guy fieti's lamb beanie. he confirmed he never gave anyone permission to drive hisy car. 19-year-old max wade is accused of stealing the yellow lamborghini back in 2011. a little word of advice. don't forget the coat when you step outdoors. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> well, it's going to feel like fall out there today. good morning. tuesday looking pretty good. it's going to feel cooler than average, though, in livermore. 67 degrees. 60 in fremont. 62 in san jose, and 60 in san francisco. halloween just two days away. temperatures look good. the sun sets at 6:15.
9:58 am
70 degrees inland. staying comfortable. we've got a full update for you. everything happened across the bay area on nbc bay warmup as we get into the weekend. slowdowns approaching the bay bridge, toll plaza. there is a stall once you get past the toll plaza, and that's adding to an already slow commute. in the south bay we have three separate accident on 101, and this is right past 880 near the montague expressway at 87. very slow go continues all wait through santa clara valley, and really other than that the other slow spots continues at the pass. >> thank you. we'll be back in about 30 minutes. that means we will see you again at 10:26. ♪
9:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪
10:00 am
[ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, oh, hey, everyb odhey, everybody, it's octor 29, 2013. guess who's here, everybody? with his bourbon in hand. >> it's actually iced tea. >> what? >> it's not. >> anthony matthew is. if you watched "the hurt locker" an oscar winning movie, this is the man. this is what's crazy. we were looking at the films that you did not -- not over your whole career, but over the last year.
10:01 am
do you know how many you did? 30 -- >> 35. including "runner runner" where you starred with ben affleck and justin timberlake. are you friends? >> yeah, i call his home, we hang out. >> what's it like working with guys like that? >> we're not really friends. it's cool. they were really nice guys. you know, we shot the movie in puerto rico. what can go wrong in puerto rico? >> hello. >> get the chicken mufongo, get it wet, not dry. >> what is that? >> don't worry about it. go to puerto rico and find it. that's all i will say. >> you're in the next "captain america." now it's got to be weird. is that you? >> watch this, watch this. >> do it.
10:02 am
>> brothers be flying! brothers be flying! >> now, look, i can feel by your bicep that you're in good shape. what kind of shape did you have to get in to to play that role? >> well, chris evans is built like a greek statue. so i showed up, you know, in shape that's when i saw him. i thought i need to get in real good shape. i got in the best shape i have been in since high school. >> and? >> pretty good shape. >> yeah. >> yeah. yeah. i even had the -- you know, the underwear muscle. that all the women go oh, my god -- i had those. >> what happens? what outfit were you wearing in the movie? >> i played the falcon. basically he's a military tactical expert that's brought in by captain america to help take down the winter soldier. that's my gear. that's my look. that's what i do. >> we like the gear, but we -- we would like to see you in this much better. >> oh, it's a tootsie roll.
10:03 am
can i open it now? >> yes. as the falcon with we wanted in this. >> i hope it's spandex. >> we wanted you in falcon red. >> i'll go right back! and there's a zipper. >> and then that's a zipper. >> happyimes. >> see? >> let's do it. >> i'll put this on right now fine. i thought you wanted to play. >> let me ask you this. when you're in the film, clearly, did you do your open stunts? >> some of them. i had a great stuntman named aaron tony. a friend of mine, we worked on four or five movies together. i would tap him in. i don't believe in that tom cruise stuff. no. no. >> you like to do -- >> he gets paid really well. so they hooked him up on the crane and dropped him 300 feet. tap in. go ahead, good luck. not me. >> speaking of grunts they had a crazy guy riding away, a brazilian surfer.
10:04 am
>> i saw this. >> 100 feet wave off the coast of portugal. you have to look at this to comprehend what's going on. >> it's the largest -- but there was a surfer before him that almost died doing this and he saved her. >> he saved her life. >> on the wave. >> and rode in. that's grown man business. >> wait a second. that looks like it's a boat. but i think it's the dock. >> that's the dock. that's the light house -- yes. >> look at him. >> look at him blazing through. >> he's all the way out in the ocean. >> i cannot comprehend that. >> you a thrill seeker? would you jump out of a plane? >> when it comes to water, no, no, no. >> not for you? >> i feel like in water you die instantaneously. but in the air you can figure out a way to bounce or stop. something. hit a tree or something. >> my biggest fear of -- by the way of dying, this is not a good subject. but my car going into the water
10:05 am
and not getting out. >> remember the crazy ladies used to keep the window breaker in the car? >> yeah. >> do you have those? >> no. >> i know the panicky feeling. i get scared thinking about it. i don't know what i'm looking at. >> thrill seeker. >> okay. your favorite topic. >> with my red suit. the gate is opening. sorry. >> there's a new study out. >> yes. >> and the new study says the question is does sex burn enough calories to -- >> i didn't request that. >> to be a workout? ♪ come on baby, yeah >> this is my karaoke song. i don't want to make it weird. go ahead and ask me the question. >> men burn 4.2 calories during sex per minute. ♪ and women burn 3.1 calories per minute. >> i don't know, i don't know how many minutes -- i don't know what they doing but i have read
10:06 am
that you burn more calories burning sex than anything else. but maybe that's in the hood. that's that 50 shades of grey sex. >> they said it's not better than jogging. >> do you know who does these studies? people who don't have good sex. >> they -- okay. >> the average? >> do you know this answer? >> no. >> the average person has sex for how long? what's the average length of time that person -- >> at one setting? >> at one setting. >> one evening. >> average length? 3 1/2 minutes. >> the average is 24 minutes. the quickest is ten. >> who's having sex for 48 minutes? >> i don't know. but people are. >> that's bananas. you'll throw out your hip doing that. >> they say the longest is 57 minutes. >> you're out of your mind. but no, get out of here. >> but we don't know when they're clocking from it. >> is that foreplay?
10:07 am
dinner. that would have to be dinner, cab ride home. conversation. shower. because you have to shower before. >> you do? >> you can't be all that. got to. got to. >> first of all, anthony is a really neat -- neat as a pin guy who smells great. i walked in the makeup room 15 minutes before and you know what he was doing? he was cutting his hair. >> that's it. got to. >> he said we didn't have a barber. >> how you have a brother on the show with no barber? that's like going to chick-fil-a and they say, we out of the chicken. one go with the other. you know what i mean? ain't got no barber. i clean it out. >> al is bald. we have our issues. >> roqal roker put the nair on head and wipe it off. i'm bringing the fro back. >> is this your favorite hair? >> no. i do a short cesar. that's short hair even with a nice defined hair line.
10:08 am
it frames your face. >> do you do a part? >> not since i was 12. but i think i'm going back to my part because my nephew he has the whole thing -- i am cesar man on his head. when i was a kid, i had two dice with my initials in it on the back of my head. >> really? >> it was short all around. >> you like that look? >> you like that? >> sometimes in life -- >> i'm listening. this is my listening face. >> sometimes in life you don't see things coming. >> oh, you see them. >> let me see if you see this coming. there's a salesman, a car salesman, okay, check him out. his name is joe barzalay. check him out. ♪ >> oh, joe is getting it on. look at his bootie. get it, joe. yeah. joe's the 57 minute dude. that's what joe is. that's what joe is. ♪
10:09 am
>> oh. oh, my, you're right about the behind. >> joe went to an urban high school. on the dance team. >> he by the way, this is in gafny, -- daphne, alabama. >> i would buy a hyundai. i would buy a hyundai. if i go in there and said, joe, show me and he does that, i'll buy a hyundai. >> he might hold you to it. they were shooting a commercial and he broke out in a move. >> that makes me nervous. i don't know how do that. this is the most important thing. breaking news. hot off the press. the jonas brothers split up. >> they did. >> the jonas brothers -- >> we have had them here. >> three weeks ago they were canceling their tour due to a rift in the band. >> we wondered what that was. >> now they have confirmed with "people" magazine that -- >> they have broken up. >> they have broken up. >> first of all, they're great
10:10 am
guys. i love this song. can you crank it? do you know what? ♪ ♪ put your pompons down for me >> are you serious? ♪ ♪ baby, put your pompons down for me ♪ >> you don't like it? >> something about me says i don't like the song. i don't think i'm the demographic. maybe it's the sweater. >> it's a little bit of a bummer though. they have been talking about a conflict that they have had for a while. >> actually, kind of catchy. >> right? ♪ ♪ >> aren't they a little too old to be singing about pompons? >> no. they are not. >> i don't know. ♪ ♪ every time feels like new orleans ♪ >> you know it's good if they have got a gospel choir. >> nick says -- this is a quote. he told "people" magazine. >> not nick. >> he said i was feeling kind of trapped. joe -- >> brothers, there's consequences and reper kutionzs.
10:11 am
>> joe says the breakup was a unanimous decision. >> that means nick said we're no longer together and i ain't going on tour. that's what that means. >> ready to play a little game? >> nick saved his money. everybody else broke. we need this tour. >> we'll do a little bit with "the voice." >> cee lo is back. ♪ ♪ to deny me, for the cross i bear that you gave to me ♪ ♪ you you you ought to know >> she cracked. >> here's the other girl. ♪ ♪ don't you treat me >> she lost. she lost. ♪ >> she lost. >> oh, look at christina. ♪ >> oh, look at adam.
10:12 am
i love adam. i love adam. >> who do you think won? >> because it's "the voice," i think the second person won. but i'm more than -- >> the first girl won. were we right? with we are correct. the girl with the black leather pants she dropped to her knees. >> that will make you win. >> what did you say? >> that will make you win. >> guess who's here? blake shelton's mom, dorothy shackelford is here. >> dorothy. >> guess who else is here? i'm so excited. >> i know. >> oscar winning actress -- >> this is big. this is big. >> mary steenburgen. >> she looks the same as she did in "back to the future." that's crazy. >> i know. no matter what city you're playing tomorrow. [ coughs ] [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. [ snores ]
10:13 am
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10:16 am
charming aboctresses, but you m have not heard she was a munition. >> and in "las vegas" she combines being a lounge singer who meets a man of a certain age. >> vying for her affection. take a look. >> what brings you boys to vegas? >> i'll tell you what brings us to vegas, a big fat lie. i wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your performance. >> thank you. >> you're in spring chicken, but you deserve better than being around these low lifes. >> wow. prince charming, you're so much shorter than i thought you would be. >> pow. mary, first of all, welcome. >> thank you. >> what a cast. let's make sure we get everyone right. michael douglas, kevin kline, you, all oscar winners. >> that's a lot of oscars. >> all guys i had dreamt about working with. one of them and boom, there they are.
10:17 am
you know, fighting over me. so it was kind of like wow. what just happened? >> you play a lounge singer who is -- you're an empty nester. you basically. >> i do. i sing in this sad little lounge with basically like two people in there on ventilators, but i sing my heart out. so that's all that matters. >> there's a scene with you and michael douglas where you guys go on the stratosphere. >> yes. i hate it. >> tell us about it. >> no. i hated it. it's real, first of all, what you look at there, is not -- not -- >> why would you do that? >> no. i shouldn't have done it. >> you got to read the script. >> oh! >> oh! >> never again. >> no. you're hanging 100 stories above the ground. >> and -- that actually happens on the ride? >> that actually happens, and it's not our doubles and it was crazy and michael and i were up there and the director later said, well, by the way, it was 29 mile-an-hour winds and they
10:18 am
close it at 35. >> i'm like what? >> oh, my god. >> are you serious? >> i guess they didn't really value me and michael douglas. i'm not sure. they stuck us up there. >> we have to talk about the party that i just learned about. on cbs sunday morning i saw a beautiful piece on you. in this film you sing. >> right. >> i have to say, first of all, i was so fascinated to hear you sing and number two to know that you write your own songs? >> first of all, the singing is very knew. that was really for the movie. but very quietly about seven years ago i started writing music, and i never talked about it publicly, because it meant so much to me to earn the right to be in the room with these amazing writers in nashville that i write music with. i didn't want to shoot my mouth off about it and brag on tv. so i never said. we have a tim mcgraw copy the other day, and i write with mufmuf
10:19 am
beautiful amazing people. jeremy and i wrote "cup of trouble" that's in the movie. it was foun write for myself. >> "cup of trouble." >> yub got to go see the movie. what's funny, too. ted danson, your husband said, when you write music or when you sing, he said, you're in heaven. >> when i write. i go to heaven. yes. when i sing, i'm learning to go to heaven. it was scary for me to sing. i had a tremendous fear of that, and working -- i worked with a vocal coach and we worked hard for this movie, and i'm -- i'm proud that i conquered my fear. >> this movie, being in vegas. do you gmble at all? are you a bacharach girl? >> you no what we? i'm an arkansas girl. like a train conductor. no. i'm like so -- i'm not -- i'm cheap when it comes to gambling. i cannot throw money away. no. >> what if you win? that's like getting money thrown at you? >> i did. the other day i gave my kids. we all in vegas. i said, here's $100 each.
10:20 am
big spender. i said, you foe, see what you come up with. the girls immediately lost their money. my son charlie doubled his money. and then so i said, okay. then charlie and i both played and we doubled the money, and then i walk away. i'm like -- insane. you know? >> mary, you are so sweet and it's so fun to learn new things about you. you've been on the scene a long time and it's always fun to learn more. nice to see you. "las vegas" hits theaters on friday. and we have a special lady coming by. and she's blake shelton's mother. i'm so excited. >> an happens to be an accomplished writer herself. >> y [ cellphone chiming ] guys, remember that whole family night thing? susan, stop fake farming. kelly, quit selling your brother's stuff on craigslist. and, john, you just sent her the friend request. give it 24, bro. now what? read 'em and weep. oh, yay!
10:21 am
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10:23 am
(dootrick or treat! mmm! thank you! mmm! mmm! we are back with anthony macke, and do you know what time it is? >> game time. >> announcer: it's time to play "spin the bottle." >> look at your -- so pretty.
10:24 am
>> and i'm tired of looking at that big, bulky chair in the tv room. we're going to find out how -- >> whoa. >> forget. wait. we're spinning the bottle. are you ready? are you ready? >> spin it for me. use those arms. come on. spin it! the other way. >> my god, there's a lot to worry about. excuse me. >> here we go. >> there it is. >> are you ready? are you ready? >> all right, all right. >> here's your question. >> does that mean it's for me or for you. >> for you. they're all for you. have you ever man staked, and if so, where? >> are you serious? >> that's a good one. have you -- look at me. have you -- i can tell if you're lying. >> of course i have. >> and where? it's a two-parter. >> everywhere. oh! but i don't cut all the grass off the lawn. i just make sure it's tidy. you know? i don't -- i just like my yard to be, like a government course. nice and tight. >> you are so lucky that that's your only question. [ laughter ] >> you lucked out. all right.
10:25 am
coming up we're going to find out about too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ]
10:26 am
[ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. new creamy alfredo soup. imagine a new level refined, perfected. at pixel level. new l'oreal texture perfector. refine texture. reduce pores. diminish lines. even close up, skin looks remarkable. new youth code texture perfector. only from l'oreal paris. [ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ good morning. i'm partlia tellez. hundreds of people are expected to march slew santa rosa justiw hours before the 13-year-old boy was killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy is laid to rest. according to a facebook post on the justice for andy lopez
10:27 am
facebook page fireworks groups of marchers will gather around noon. one at the old courthouse square. another at santa rosa junior college. they will march to the sheriff's deputy. the deputy shot lopez last week because the deputy thought the boy pointed an ak-47 at him. the weapon turned out to be a replica gun. we'll have a look at your forecast and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
good tuesday morning.
10:29 am
we do have an interesting forecast. expecting low clouds. mostly over the south bay. as you wake up this morning, we are going to also see a few light showers over the santa cruz mountains and the west-facing slopes fort first time of the day. 06 in san francisco. don't forget, on sunday at 2:00 a.m. daylight-savinging time comes to an end. we gain, though, an hour of sleep. temperatures look good. looking good for a warmup all the way through halloween. let's check your drive. here's anthony slaughter. >> things are still heavy at the bay bridge. even at the toll plaza. we have a stall past that, and that's continuing. adds to a slow commute here at 10:29. in fact, a little late for this he south bay. looking at a few accidents> thank you, anthony. yahoo ceo is a proud new owner of palo alto's oldest funeral home. marissa myer bought thecq 114-year-old mort wear. that's going out of business in just two days. what she's planning to do with this property, we'll talk about
10:30 am
that coming up in 30 minutes at 11:00. we hope to see you then. we are back now with more of "today" on this tuesday, and anthony macke is here helping me out while kathie lee enjoys the day off. we're excited to welcome the mother of my all-time favorite country star. and i think she's scared of me. her name is dorothy shackelford and she's blake shelton's mother. >> yes. yeah! >> so exciting. >> no surprise. you're a songwriter, too. >> i'm a songwriter. >> right. penned her first novel for the holidays called "time for me to come home." >> first of all, can we just make a toast to you for raising such a wonderful son? >> your daughter's not too bad either. i just saw her. i like the spiral curls. >> that's blake's sister. we have his sister and mother here. >> this is my second favorite
10:31 am
day, next to the day when blake's here. but, anyway, just want to run a little clip, because your son did have having to say to show you off before we started your segment. >> hi, mom. i just wanted to say congratulations on your book. time for me to come home. and i hope it sells a million -- i hope it sells 10 million copies and i hope you have fun in new york, and kathie lee and hoda, please, don't get my mom too drunk. too drunk. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> is there a story there? >> then it gets real. >> now, tell us about this book, because this is such a great, new adventure for pup there's a main character in your book. is it base and your son or someone who came to you in your imagination? >> there's many similarities. sawyer, he's like shelton. they both like to drink a lot. >> of course they do. >> that's the main thing. >> okay. >> and -- he's a country singer. >> right.
10:32 am
>> just coming off tour. tired, warnout. just wants to go to a deserted island but he has to go home because it's christmas. >> have you enjoyed writing? i know you enjoy writing music, but writing books and that kind of thing? is that something you always -- >> this is my first book, but i've wrote hundreds of songs. nobody will record them. but i have. >> we're going to record one of your songs today. the book follows heath on his journey and him wanting to come home. the idea. so what was blake like when he was a kid? like, christmas and stuff like that? all the gifts and wanted so much for christmas? >> you know, he never really wanted that much. he already had everything. >> look at this picture. okay. i'm dying. >> he always -- >> do you think -- >> i have those jammies. >> of course you do. can i ask you a personal question. do you think it's weird that i named my dog after your son? >> i think it's awesome. >> you do?
10:33 am
>> yes. >> you're not a little -- my mom thought it was weird. my own mother thought it wad strange. i told her, look, it's no big deal. >> he calmed you that morning and said, do it. you remember? >> yeah. so it's all okay. >> yeah. >> i didn't name my dog blake. i was -- same dog. different name. >> you should name your dog dorothy. >> done. changing -- my dog's name is kathie lee, but i'm going to containing her name to dorothy. kathie lee dorothy. that's her new name. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> are you surprised -- when you watched -- look, your son was very famous obviously in country music circles and then after "the voice" he sort of exploded across country. are you surprised at how much people have taken to your son and therapy just so enjoying watching him evolve? >> you know, even when he was young, people took to him. he has been like that all of his life. just a jokester, cut up. crazy. >> uh-huh. >> bug you to death. pester.
10:34 am
i mean, that's him. >> does he have your sense of humor and personality, or where does it come from, do you think? >> i think he got some from both me and his dad. >> okay. what about his sister? [ laughter ] sorry. is that too much? too forward. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> he probably didn't get much of that fun stuff from her. >> she always makes me jealous. i'm trying to make her jealous. >> we want to wish you the best of luck with this book. congratulations. tell your son i said, hi. you can read an excerpt from dorothy's book on klg and time to get a little rough. >> anthony and i are going head-to-head with two members of the women's ice hockey team. >> i'm taking them down. >> they're going for gold. >> i'm taking them down. wisest kid in the whole world? we need a new recipe. hmmm. let us consult the scroll of infinite deliciousness. ♪ oh! perfect. [ wisest kid ] campbell's has the recipes kids love.
10:35 am
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to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. when you have children's motrin on hand, you're ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin. all right. we are back with the countdown to sochi. 100 days until nbc heads to the winter olympic games. >> after taking home the silver
10:39 am
medal four years ago in vancouver the u.s. women's hockey team has its eyes set on gold once again. >> returning to the olympic team are two women hoping to make it happen. hillary knight and megan duggen. >> megan, yes! >> now we'll play in a little bit. but this a big year for u.s. women's hockey. isn't it? >> huge. >> tell us about it. >> yeah. i mean, we're gearing up. we're out at boston right now, training hard every day just getting ready to hopefully head to sochi and bring home a gold medal. >> are you working around the clock, eating veggies, doing the right things? >> yeah. >> what are you looking forward to in sochi? what are you most excited about? >> stepping on the ice. >> yeah. >> need to get out there again and play. >> now, last year we won a silver, right? tell us what your goals are for this go round. >> we're approaching sochi, we want a gold medal. we want to bring a gold medal back to the united states. we came up short in vanncouver. we're training and doing our best right now.
10:40 am
>> when was the last time you got in a fight? because i feel like we'll get in a fight today. >> yes. >> i can feel that. >> recently, actually. it's a tough sport. we don't shy away from it. >> who were we playing -- >> two weeks ago. had a little scrum against team canada. >> was it friendly? >> never friendly. exhibition. yeah. >> so you'll teach us a few skills. hillary, i'm teaming up with you. anthony and megan. so what are we doing? what's the game? >> show me how to check her. slow down. slow down. >> so there -- are we waysing? >> yeah. let's race. >> going this way? >> this way. >> tell us what's the goal. >> you have to go through the cones, and the outside. >> around the outside. >> can you do that? >> i don't know how to do it. how do you hold the stick? >> i'll show you. >> hold your stick like this. >> we have plenty of time. >> i don't have gloves. >> want to put my gloves on? >> absolutely. >> while you guys are putting gloves on -- >> those are so hot. >> you'll wish you didn't have
10:41 am
them. >> smells like christmas in here. >> on your marks -- what are we doing? just a round? i'm following you. go, go, go. >> oh, man. wait a minute. >> keep going. >> no, no. >> good one. >> go. >> yeah. >> good one. >> wait, wait. >> you guys -- >> oh. >> anthony, anthony, anthony? it was great. it was great having you filling in for this very last time. when did you guys start playing hockey? when did this become your sport? >> when i was 5 years old. >> did your parents -- >> 3 years old. >> well, i was originally on skis and then we moved to the midwest and skates were the only thing available. >> i know hockey is big in your world, but how is it nationwide? >> i think it's big, growing.
10:42 am
i think the girls in the game has been incredible. it will continue to grow. >> well, we are so excited. we'll be cheering you guys on in sochi. best of luck. and thanks for coming. >> yeah. >> the lesson learned, don't go top corner. >> never ever. coming up, design ideas to help you turn your family room into his, hers and their space. >> finally the other space the families gather in -- the kitchen. and some goodies from the halloween bash. >> but these first messages. fon? text the kids along the way. reserve a table for two. post photos of the shows. borrow a canoe. schedule a hike. send pics of the sights. email steve to play golf. video our most recent flight. we can do all that on the new big easy from tracfone. because we get great nationwide coverage without the cost of a contract. no contract plans start at just $7 a month. the new, big button, big easy flip. tracfone. do everything for less. creates the perfect smoky eye
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10:45 am
10:46 am
it is time to take you into "today's" kitchen. scaring up fun finger foods for halloween to impress your guests. >> here with ideas you can whip up in no time, chef on "live right." >> what do you have today? >> i'm excited. halloween is around the corner literally. i want to do my version of bat wings. chicken wings with the whole wing on it.
10:47 am
don't eat haub nar eat the haba. you're going to hate me. >> key thing. you want the dark molasses color. naught inside there. >> i like that. >> they call me pomegranate in the hood. weird. it's weird. i don't know why. i don't know why. go for it. >> what we're going to do here, habanero. it's spicy. do the spicy dance. >> yes, i am. >> can you do the spicy dance. ♪ do the spicy lady i like that. yeah. >> you don't knee? sorry. take it back. take it back. >> sin in there. >> habanero. >> yeah. only on tuesdays. >> only on tuesdays. >> lemon juice. garlic. >> still holding me when i do that. i got one arm. got one arm. hold it. what's going on? >> i don't know. >> and this is -- a little cilantro. >> you want to mix this guy in here, but only half. >> here.
10:48 am
a little -- >> in the dish now. what we do, marinade is, you're still holding meep rub it in. that's my arm. just rub it in. we're going let that marinade. you're going to hold me the entire time. >> i am! it's exciting. >> sear them and then put the sauce on top. >> more sauce. >> more sauce! >> so now, here, here -- >> don't you feed me. it's getting weird. getting weird. >> eat it. eat it. just do it. on your shirt. dry cleaning on the "today" show clean. >> in my mouth. >> how was that, anthony? >> ah, umm. party in my mouth. >> party in your mouth. >> so -- ah, ah -- it hurts. it's all good. >> so we go from bat wings -- >> then a fondue bar. >> fondue me. don't be fonduing me. >> look here. >> don't you do it. >> this is bacon. peanut butter and chocolate. hold on. let's just do this. go, just do t. why is my face in the middle? wipe did i just do that?
10:49 am
>> hmm. >> that's my version of -- >> this is caramel goo. my version of spooky goo y goo. try that. white chocolate and pumpkin. ready? catch it. come on. can you do it. you're a big boy. you can do it. yeah. put out anything you want -- it's wednesday, right? >> awesome. >> what you do, any kind of fruit, any kind of pretzels -- you're still holding me? what in the world? i need a walker. >> i'm sorry. i'm so excited. >> so the last thing -- >> what's the last thing? >> the last thing, my trick or treating te ining tini. a little vodka, a little pineapple juice and a little love. >> cheers! >> no kissing. >> coming up -- hmm. >> isn't that good? >> i love it. >> man. >> nice job. recipes on our website, gang. >> last time i'm coming back.
10:50 am
>> we're going to make this for everybody. >> this was great, man. >> loved it. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. would look like john stamos.
10:51 am
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okay. whether it is your spouse's beatup lounge chair that doesn't go with the decor or the lamp you want to throw out, it's hard to make a living space that suits all. >> fit for her, you and them, here they are. >> i went to high school with this guy. the parents of seven children. >> seven. >> seven. and the authors of "home by --" nice to see you. start with what's behind you. people are trying to figure out thousand display good family photos. >> we're all about shared space because we have a lot of kids.
10:54 am
>> seven kids. that's a lot of kids. >> one thing we love to do, in the shared space is mix photographs. there's a great way of doing it. take your old pictures, your old high school photos. >> did you see this? what do you think? >> please tell me that's you. >> okay. >> any chance of updating this? >> no. hoda was homecoming queen, by the way. >> anyway, you can take your family photos, bring them digitally, to a company like shut per fly and make amazing details and put them on the wall. >> is that just one -- that's great. >> you can get a 4xwhatever wall. a great way to display something personal. >> we brought something about, your husband, boyfriend hars a cruqui chair you don't like. >> a nice chair someone is making you get rid of it. >> what should you do? >> anthony, this is not your everyday recliner anymore.
10:55 am
>> no. >> they have come a long way. >> i can't sit on -- can't watch football in this. >> lean on back. >> lean back. >> it's nice and comfy. >> oh -- >> and we like it. women like it. it's not big and ugly anymore. >> you need more funk! >> you no what we? look at the side. beautiful nail heads. >> compromise. >> it's come a long way. >> okay. >> i like the furry ones. >> people want your advice. you know what you're talking about. donna asks -- okay. let's see, missouri -- okay. here goes. my husband captain tony won't let me get rid of these deer heads, and white tails. they're white tail deer heads. here's the picture of them. therapy scary. what can she do about those? >> you have to embrace the kind of taxidermy or, you know, any animal -- listen, we have cow rugs here, in this design. >> okay. >> but you can embrace it with
10:56 am
doi chandeliers. bring them into a season -- >> i thought you meant the deer head into a necklace? >> that might a little heavy. but you can throw garland around it for the holidays. do, since halloween's coming up, put a mask on the deer head. >> quite nice. >> embrace it and have it become part of your house. >> okay. karen moore said something. she asks this. she said -- >> the butt-ugly lamp. looking for -- it looks like it's made for a car. okay? is that -- been living with her for 25 years. what do you do? please help with the lamp. >> the lamp is not nice. >> i think it's kind of -- great decor. >> we'll paint anything. we'll take old things. like this lamp here, and paint is a cool blue, and then you've got a modern looking lamp. so you can -- >> we saw this for hardly anything. beat up, old, no life. we painted it and brought it back to life. it's great and fabulous, and we bought new shade for it. >> on a personal note, how do you do everything? >> drink a lot.
10:57 am
>> i turned on the tv and shaw you guys on the bravo show. books are out, seven kids. all of these things going. how do you two manage it all? >> we make the kids work. >> we do. we put them to work. we love what we do. not everyone enjoys decorating, but we kind of do. >> lots of coffee, red wine. >> you guys are great. i'm going to -- great seeing you again. >> good luck with the new movie. >> thank you. >> i'm going to hug you. >> of course you do. a big thank you to anthony. kathie lee comes back tomorrow. the very funny tim conway with us and announce our teacher of the year. anthony, you rock. thank you. >> once again. hmm -- is this the bacon and cheese diet?
10:58 am
10:59 am
this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho
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♪ green giant good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. bay area wide on behalf of the 13-year-old boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. protesters boarded buses in oakland and headed in march that's preceding andy lopez's ñ nbc bay area's christiee smith is live in oakland where some had to wait longer than expected forcszs!%m bus ride. c christie, good morning. >> the driver showed up a little late, and sat around and waited for every single demonstrator to show up, and the
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